Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday Pimp #4: A New Pimp

 This week's Pimp focuses on loving the game and playing for fun with each other -pimp style...yeah- Enjoy!

1) How Important Is My Army List by GDMNW @

I only just discovered this site and I'm unashamedly loving it. This post here really caught my eye as it voices a lot of what experienced players have known for a long time. There is a culture online of focusing on the army list -I suppose this is due to the fact that whilst you can talk about tactics, you can't teach someone effectively to play the game online, it takes personal tuition and time- and this article tells it how it is; that there is so much more to the game than that.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Dave's Day Off #6

Win. Have a good weekend everybody, buy yourself a Whisky Sour on me -except not on me because am I hell giving you money to get drink while I'm not there. Heck, invite me to drink with you, I might buy you one, but only if you are awesome. Like really awesome-

Please drink responsibly this weekend, it's people like me that have to clean up then mess but you have to live with the consiquences.

Love, Dave

Intense Debate - Yes or No?

A lot of blogs use Intense Debate as their comments service. I'm happy with Blogger's own brand at the moment, however looking at site's like 3++ and HoP, the Intense Debate system looks rather groovy. You get your own profile and can reply to other comments directly and even like/dislike comments.

What do you guys think, would you be happy to sign up to another service just to comment or is it added hassle?

Comment away , I want to hear what you think.

Love, Dave

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Internet Fame: Kirby's a Babe

Big thanks to first fester (yes, with a little "f") and Kirby for having faith in my writing ability and reposting my Edenbreaker article on 3++ is the new black. It's a great honour for me to have a piece of mine on such a fantastic blog and I hope I can produce some more Edenbreaker articles that meet the standard.

Regards to the points Kirbs made, I agree with the majority:- however it's all situational. Yes, Prisms are fantastic anti troop units, but if there's only one exposed unit that isn't a threat in my opinion its best to try to take out a low armoured tank that will be a threat instead. However, on principal yes; you are very right =]
Also, I take Kirbs point on the shooting order, that's coming up in the very next one, you're quite right to point out that what I said is a bit silly.

Most of the issues seen in the article are there because its just the beginning and we are discussing it at the most basic level, so any concerns he's had will be addressed in a future Edenbreaker tactica =]

Hope you guys check out 3++ and drop them a line for any of your list/tactics needs, because they are awesome.

Love, Dave

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

TACTICA: "Edenbreaker" Musings on 5th Edition Eldar

The concept behind "Edenbreaker" really is the cumulation, in my mind, of where the Eldar game has been going since late 4th Ed into what we can safely say is over halfway into the lifetime of 5th Ed. Eldar have evolved from a hybrid foot/mech army into a forced full mech state. The exception to this is of course Footdar, an interesting concept but one that is usually played poorly but by those who have a real solid understanding of the synergy used in such a force. -like all Eldar armies, it should be wielded like a scalpel as opposed to a sledgehammer- Eldar do not have a hammer or an anvil type unit which hurts when we play Marines or MEQs. We do not have a reliable gunline/mech gunline like Guard.

The internet has shown us over the years on sites such as YTTH, 3++ is the new black and Fritz 40k, that playing Eldar is to go for the harder option than many. It's far from a bad army, but its not balanced like the majority of 5th edition codexes. As we have seen from tournaments, battle reports, tacticas and even from a shift in GW rules, we must take advantage of 3 relatively well known factors;

Happy Burns Night

If you think he's a romantic...
you're right! He died of syphilis!
It's that time of year again where once again, all us Scots will be running round hills to catch a Haggis (or Hagii as the plural) for the anniversary of the birth of the greatest poet to ever live, Robert Burns. To celebrate, I'll be tucking into one this evening and addressing it in the traditional way :

Monday, 24 January 2011

TOURNAMENTS: 2 Week Prep, The Eldritch Storm returns?

Ahoyhoy internets, I'm in a bit of a tizz because the gauntlet has well and truely been thrown towards my face. -really hard too, like it The Rock had thrown it or something- It's come to my attention that the Hallowed Halls club is running a knockout tourney next Saturday. Naturually, being the competitive minded gamer I am -yeah right...- I'll be attending and covering it for CSNS.

But the question is dearest reader, with three armies currently being worked and reworked with new models, which deserves an outing? The Eldar, Deathwatch or Dark Angels? The most complete -aka the one that would cost the least money to complete- would be the Eldar, but with a club filled with MEQs and Guard, playing with a Fast and Slow Eldar army like my Ulthwe is could prove problematic. The Deathwatch are in no fit state as yet, not even primed and missing 6 tanks -Rhino, Razorback, Speeder and 3 Dakka Preds- and the Doublewing Angels are in no state, I haven't even started updating them. Besides, I need to replace all those Assault Cannons with Cyclones and get a ton more TH/SS.

It's a real problem that's bothering me, at the moment I'm leaning towards the Eldar because hey, it's what I used to be known for at the club and heck, it might actually surprise someone to NOT see power armour. I really don't know. Let's see what I can dig up in time.

Love, Dave

MONDAY PIMP #3: Return of the Pimp

Ahh Bill, by far the Playa's President
Ok guys, once again my rare list of my favourite blog posts of the week / shameless grab for filler content! Enjoy some pimped blogs.

1) Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know by Sorrowshard @ Rant in E Minor
Some very nice DE themed conversions have been coming out of REM over the past couple of days and I have to say, and my favourite is the Baron. Take a trip over and look, just a really nice kit bash that once it's painted will look very nice. It's clear that Sorrowshard has great love for his army. Plus, the flying circus army looks sick.

2) Deepstrike Radio Queensland Flood Appeal
I'm sure you've seen the recent chaos caused by the recent heavy flooding in Queensland and we can all agree that it's a horrible disaster to befall anyone. Deepstrike Radio have stepped up to the plate and are doing a charity auction of sorts. They are asking for donations of money or of Space Marine box sets to auction as an army deal on Ebay, along with signed books from Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill AND a painted Captain model in your choice of colours by Dave Taylor. I think it's something very much like the Storm Warden project that the entire community could, and should get behind. Please check it out.

3) The Challenge: Completed by fester @ fester 40k
Finally he's finished his Battlewagon after weeks of work and you know something folks? It looks damn good, very fine quality. Our favourite Aussie has even included a comic and a BLANK comic strip for you to use for your own little creations. What a nice chap! Check out fester40k for more information on Centurion and fester's general happenings. I mean come on, he writes for 3++, he can't be all that bad...or can he ;)

4) Friday Night Internet Fight Round 47 by Dethtron @ Dick Move on the BoK Network
It's no secret amongst my blogger friends that I love an unhealthy amount...seriously...he should be worried....yeah, and this week's FNIF just gets me going. A perfect example of how a decent conversation can go horribly wrong, this is a must see and a standout in the series. You will laugh at stupidity, cringe and want to throw your monitor at someone's face. Nuff said, check it out.

Special Mention) Video Battle Report: Chaos vs Imperium Team Game by Brent @ Strictly Average
Brent, superstar of the blog universe and all round good guy gave us a great treat warly this week with an excelent video battle report showcasing his Daemons and a friend's Chaos Space Marines against Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers. I thought it was a quality battle report and an excelent game, even if the two guys that Brent played seemed dejected and unhappy by turn two. Morale of the story? Don't mess with Chaos that stalks Jawaballs.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

A new playa has entered the game...

 -Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here very happy to introduce a new author for CSNS, none other than the man featured in our flagship Battle Report; Dan aka Rogal Dorn. Dan has been in the hobby for a long time, has seen three editions of 40k and enjoyed playing three editions of Fantasy to boot. He has more models than a GW store too, so hopefully we'll get to see some of them in the near future. He helps to run a gaming club in Ayr, Scotland which definately needs some pimping, so here we are featuring it on CSNS. Article wise, we'll be getting a club related post every Sunday afternoon and C:SM articles as they are written. I'm very excited about Dan's inclusion and you should be too! So without futher adeu, take it away Dan! Love, Dave-

Greetings brothers, I am Rogal Dorn, first time blogger and a good friend of Dave's.

Friday, 21 January 2011

COCKTAIL: Molecular Mixology Session

So, Thursday night Dave McJ and myself set about making some interesting creations with his Molecular Mixology kit that Santa had brought him. For those of you unfamiliar, molecular mixology is the application of scientific analysis and techniques to mixology, similarly to the trend of molecular gastronomy being popularised by many high profile chefs around the world. At the basic level, this uses principals such as maceration, gelling, calcifying and foaming to create interesting drinks and edible tipples to shock and surprise. We are absolute beginners at this, so let's see how the pair of us got on:

CSNS Battle Report #1: Deathwatch VS Space Wolves 1500pts

Ahoyhoy internets, today we have something I've been wanting to do for a while but never found the time for, A BATTLE REPORT. -Woop woop- A proper beer and pizza game was set up played and won -and a lot of beer and pizza consumed too- and a great time had by both parties. Here's the story of that game:

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Ravenwing: Not quite as horrible anymore

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here once again continuing discussion of the new GW FAQs for 40k just like everyone else on the internet. Since we've now discussed Deathwing (check out Deathwing: Now with viable Death-wing-star) let's now discuss the Dark Angels seond company, the Ravenwing.

Let's look at our typical Ravenwing Attack Squadron. At a basic level you are getting 3 bikers (2 regular 1 sergeant) armed with a Bolt Pistol of Chainsword, Frag/Krak grenades and a bike with T/L Bolters AND a teleport homer. -which is pretty awesome if you are running Doublewing - Further, the bikes are Fearless, get Combat Squads and have the Scout special rule, which is awesome. For this basic unit, you are paying 120points, which is 30 points more than you're paying for the C:SM equivalent that comes without the homer, the Fearless and the Scout move.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

40k: Deathwatch Test Mini

Executive Transvestite? If you understand why I said this you win.
Ahoyhoy interwebs, DaveHowitzer here with some Deathwatch progress. I had this model laying around for years from back in the days of my 3rd Ed Dark Angels and felt he had a date with some Simple Green. Thus, Grand Master Draco has turned into Watch Captain Ignacius.

Pardon the picture quality, lighting wasn't the best, but the model is a WiP so he's a long way off done. I'm currently loving the Crux Terminatus on him though so I might try to emulate that with the Deathwatch chapter pads on the Kill Teams. Standard gold eagles obv needing touched up on this model but the idea is there. I don't know if you can see the scratched detail on the blade in this picture, but it's there, ill get a better quality one up soon when it's done.

Love, Dave

Friday, 14 January 2011

ARMY LISTS: Quick and Dirty Deathwing 1750

Thank you GW FAQ 1.1

Quick and dirty Deathwing list I made 15 minutes ago to try out, has a libby in it for psychic defence but I'm unsure if I'm going to change it for an Interrogator Chappy to stick to Belial's unit.
Basically Belial and his unit with the Apoth and the Libby's unit start in the LRCs and the other 3 squads Deathwing Assault onto the table. Simples.

Deathwing: Now with viable Death-wing-star?

This is a good day for my Deathwing
Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here with a little pondering -for a change- If it hasn't come to your attention as yet, GW have just released a new batch of updated FAQ articles for Black Templars and Dark Angels which brings their wargear up to 5th Ed Marine standards. -2 years late GW...but at least you did it in the end- This means good things for my lovely DA who have been gathering dust for the past couple of years when games quickly became a matter of my army of Terminator goodness being outgunned, out manouvered and generally trodden on.

But with this new update to the rules, what does this mean for the humble 1st of the 1st?

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

CSNS Strikes Back, now with added Chaos

Well what a few weeks that was. A record breaking month of December saw me make more drinks than I would care to ever see, burn myself on more coffees than I would ever care to drink and deal with more annoying people than I would ever care to happy slap. -though there were some good times too as always with crimbo- 

So besides being ass deep in booze what's been keeping me from you. Well...being ass deep in booze, but on the right side of the bar! 

"I feel the need...the need for speed!"
So aye...that was fun!

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