Cocktails and Dreams

 Cocktails and Dreams

"Lession 1: Lose the goatee, it doesn't go with your suit. Lesson 2: Get a suit, suits are cool. Exibit A..."
"Cocktails and Dreams...I see it in pink neon..."

Ok folks, here is a collection of the things I love in life only slightly more than gaming. Includes cocktails, random ramblings and suit.

Everything featured here is legendary.

Tips for a Successful Lifestyle:
 "Suit Up, Score Chicks, Be Awesome"
Drink Features:
"A bottle of Louis Tres says you'll be back here working for me by Valentines Day."
Featured Cocktails:
" The less you pour, the more you score" 
CSNS Originals:
Knockhill Sour - A spin on a Whisky Sour with vanilla and chocolate.
The Pablo Martinez - Contemporary spin on the classic Old Fashioned with Tequila instead of Bourbon
Freaky Tiki Punch - A sweet and filling rum punch with tropical fruits and raspberry.
Banilla Frappé - Decadant desert cocktail

Cocktails for our friends:
BroLo LoCo - A Tiki punch made with tropical fruits.
DethMetal Sour & Kirby Cosmo - A Sambuca Sour and a classic Gin Cosmo with summer berries.
Lauby-tini & Strictly Brent Mai Tai - Berry and mint martini style drink and my classic Midnight Mai Tai.
Skavenblight Sour - A more friendly sour with Melon and mint with traces of pear and strawberry.
CSNS Cocktail Features and Specials:
3++ Birthday Week Celebration
Day 1: The Kirbtini - Raspberry flirtini served with sweets.
Day 2: Brolong Daquiri - Long version of the classic daquiri with lemon and orange notes.
Day 3: Festering 6ft (Down) Under - Scotch twist on the Treacle.
Day 4: AbuseMonkey - Creamy banana dessert cocktail.
Day 5: Koopa Libre - Amaretto twist on the rum and coke.
Day 6: The Black and Blue VT2 - Orange and coffee shot with irish cream.
Day 7: Manhattan Sweet # 3++ - Sweet orange take on the Manhattan cocktail.

3rd Party Cocktails that are awesome.
"A parade of slabbering geeks with one hand on their crotches and the other on their wallets"

Andy Gemmell's Festive Creations
[Andy is one of my bar icons and I've had the pleasure of being part of two bar sessions with him. Plus, he's on TV which is pretty damn cool. In this article he gives us the recipies for some festive cocktails that were featured on The Hour on STV (15/12/10)]
[Cocktail featured in Ion Magazine that was created by my good friend and co-worker David McJannet exclusively for the Buzzworks Group. Flick to pages 28-29. Utterly lovely cocktail.]
[Done by an excelent bartender, Ervin Trykowski of the Ivy Bar in Glasgow. I've met him a couple of times and I can say he is the soundest man in existance]
The Blythswood Hotel Cocktail List
[Mal Spence, a master of the art of mixology has created a chique, classic list with recipes available for those who want to give them a bash. That Gin Fizz is perhaps the coolest thing ever...and provides a massive workout.]

Listen to these Bros, they are awesome: 
"Say what again I dare you, I double dare you..." 

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