Tuesday, 12 October 2010

COCKTAIL: Dethtron and Kirby Requests

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here once again and hot off the heels of yesterday's super popular cocktail feature lets run with another one! First off, big, big thanks to Dethtron, one of our evil IHoP overlords over at Dick Move who found the time (after posting himself in a suit, which is unashamedly awesome, go Dethtron getting into the CSNS way of life already) in his busy schedule to do a little feature on gaming cocktails a-la me. So to say thank you...big guy, this is for you.

Dethtron's Death Metal Sour

Opal Nera Black Sambuca            25ml/1oz
Caoruun Small Batch Scotch Gin   25ml/1oz  (Hendricks if unavailable. I'll be doing a drink feature on this in the future)
Lemon Juice                                  25ml/1oz
Sugar Syrup                                  12ml/0.5oz
1 Dash Aromatic Bitters
The white of half an egg

Shaken and strained into an Old Fashioned glass with ice, not figured out a garnish yet tbh, but i think a stick of liquorish and a lemon slice would be the awesome.

Furthermore, as a thanks to Kirby at 3++ who gave me some excelent ideas with how to bring my Eldar from 4th into 5th edition, here's one for you you crazy man ;)

Kirby's Wonder-From-Down-Under Cosmo

Caoruun Small Batch Scotch Gin   37.5ml/1.5oz
Cointreau                                      25ml/1oz
2 Dashes Grapefruit Bitters
Cranberry Juice                             25ml/1oz
Lemon Juice                                  12.5ml/0.5oz
Sugar Syrup                                  10ml/0.3oz

Shake and fine strain into a martini glass. Its a bit different than your regular cosmo, with the Bogmyrtle in the Caorunn mixing well with the grapefruit bitters, whilst not overpowering the subtle Juniper taste. I actually can't wait to try this bad boy out. Garnish with an orange rind flamed over the top to make it just that bit more rock and roll. Most importantly though it is unashamedly pink.

Thanks again guys for all the comments you've given me over the past 2 months of blogging, hopefully things have started as they mean to continue. No 40k today since work looms -boo- but tomorrow morning expect the Avenger units to be up on the web. -pictures I mean, not like them staying up late and watching porn-

Love, Dave

All cocktails created by David Howie for CSNS


  1. <3.

    In the future there is only pink cocktails!

  2. *childish voice*
    I wanna green one! :P

    What colour is Dethtron's? Just curious. I'm gonna need to try these all. We could make an article of it. ^^

  3. Dethtron's is black/purple mate and I'm working on an Archy one for tomoz.

  4. Both look delicious. I think I might have to booze up the house so I can try some!


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