Tuesday, 19 October 2010

40k: Caught the Imperial Bug...and help a Bro out.

First thing's first. I'm sure you've seen because it's on every other blog out there, Big Jim's marines have been stolen so please, please, please keep an eye out for them on ebay etc. Having the models you've spend hours of your time and hundreds of your hard earned bucks stolen like that really sucks so I urge you all, be on the lookout, theres a chance (albeit slim) that we can help a brother out and get his models back.

Anyhoo internets, on to the jist of our little post. The Eldar are progressing well, however one thing really is bugging me at the moment. Eldar can play 1 list and be viable. Mechdar -woop- with Dragons and Avengers in serpents, Eldrad and Falcons/Prisms to dakka dakka. I love my Eldar, but I don't want to play like that. So until we get a glorious new dex that will make the useless units that I love -Warp Spiders, Support Platforms and Guardians...oh yeah and more psychic awesome- viable I intend on getting back into an Imperial book. Now my DA were awesome back in the day, but the book...well...the book isn't so grand...

Crap 'Dex makes Brother Berathor angry...very angry indeed.

So with that in mind I want a new book. Now I think I want another Unforgiven army were I to go for C:SM, C:BA, C:SW. I think it would be heresy to use C:SW so that's off the table. Now I want a custom chapter, assault heavy with mad psychic skills (very much the way I like to play) but I haven't even read the new marine books (showing how long its been since I've bought a new dex). I really do fancy BA actually, the asthetic for the models themselves are a little...well...insane for my tastes, but the conversion options are fantastic.

My next thought turned to a book not in existance yet, the Daemonhunters. Now...I friggin' love Grey Knights. Like really. I think the whole idea of a chapter of master psykers who hunt daemons and are purity personified is just stupidly cool -I suppose that's the paladin from WoW in me talking- A small elite army would most likely be on the cards then, with power armour GKs, perhaps an Inquisitor with a cadre. (meaning I can model the old team from DH and use it on the table which would be AWESOME) Yeah, sounds good to me. I reckon when the book comes out "The List" that the net will impose on everyone will look like the bastard child of a Razorspam and a Guard Mech list with Inq Storm troopers instead of Vets, perhaps GK Razorbacks (that totally need to happen outside of FW) with psycannons or LasPlas. Although...2 GK Landraiders with some kind of Incinerator style mega guns and 2 units of GK Termies, an Inq Lord and a GKGM would be pretty fierce too...hmm more ideas.

So guys, at the end of the day I want to hear what you think right now. Go for come Nilla/BA awesome right now and create a custom chapter (kinda combining BT with DA) or wait it out until the new year and FINALLY get a plastic Daemonhunter army. Help a brother out!

First one to give some sound advice gets a cocktail made for them.

Love, Dave


  1. I say go for a custom list. In honor of BigJim and all, yanno?

  2. I think that might be a shout tbh. It was wierd I was thinking about a custom army yesterday then read Galaxy in Flames. I dunno what I;d do if an army got "half inched"

  3. Apparently the DH codex isn't gonna ft. Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. So I've heard anyway, it's gonna be mostly GKs. I can see Inquisitors and Assassins in there too.

    However, all GKs would need to work would be some form of anti tank weapon (a melta in their squads perhaps?) in addition to a good transport. Like a rhino.

    All this stuff about Stormravens and such like... well they're not very good.

    To represent DA I'd say go C:SM. DA have always been quite shooty with a plasma fetish, but the only plasma weapon I can think gets used with any regularity is Straken's pistol. So go figure. It'd just be generic marines painted green. But that's still better than the DA travesty.

  4. Just wait till the new codex comes out, but while you wait for it, paint stuff you know is going to be in it. Rhinos!


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