Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday Pimp #4: A New Pimp

 This week's Pimp focuses on loving the game and playing for fun with each other -pimp style...yeah- Enjoy!

1) How Important Is My Army List by GDMNW @

I only just discovered this site and I'm unashamedly loving it. This post here really caught my eye as it voices a lot of what experienced players have known for a long time. There is a culture online of focusing on the army list -I suppose this is due to the fact that whilst you can talk about tactics, you can't teach someone effectively to play the game online, it takes personal tuition and time- and this article tells it how it is; that there is so much more to the game than that.

2) BoLS Battle Report Tyranids vs Night Lords by Bigred @ Bell of Lost Souls

BoLS battle reports are always well put together and fun looking and this was no exception. A real good game was had and it was a joy to watch, plus both armies were exceptionally well presented; not a spot of primer in sight. Isn't that how we all want to play?

3) What Is the Perfect Game of 40k by Mike @ Whisky & 40k

I'm glad to say that I was part of the conversation mentioned in this article, discussing what the "perfect" game of 40k is. It is the belief that when playing this game 2 people should come with two well designed lists that they enjoy playing, when in the game give it all they've got whilst being a gentleman to your opponent and have a laugh! At the end of the game, win or lose, you can come away knowing you had a fantastic time with a great opponent and you tried your hardest. Loved it.

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