Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ebay: Space Hulk for sale

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here, finally having some time away from work/painting to post something. Since the new GKs are costing me an arm and a leg, my better half is making me get shot of some of my precious plastic crack to make room for the Knight of Titan. It's a sad day when you start having to sell your old models -even ones unpainted, lying at the bottom of a box...sad times- 

Regardless, thought I'd let you all have the scoop on a bit of a find from the vaults of Howitzer-towers.


Yeah, it's been lying there waiting to be painted, but life right now isn't for letting it happen, which is a shame, but I'd rather it went to an owner who can give it the love and attention that these models deserve.

If anyone fancies it and has any questions, don't hesitate to give me a shout and I'll see what I can do. More Ebay shizz and Grey Knights to come

Love, Dave

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

40k: Grey Knights Review Part 2- The Heroes of Titan

Ahoyhoy internets, we make our return to the Grey Knights review by addressing the next important group of HQ characters; Grand Masters, Brother Captains, Brotherhood Champions and the all important Librarian.

Grey Knight Grand Masters

Grand Masters are a decent buy at 175 points for a solid combat statline, good wargear as standard and with a useful special ability. Let's take a closer look; For our buck we get Terminator Armour, an Iron Halo, Nemesis Force Sword, grenades and a storm bolter, pretty standard for most of the GK characters but with Mastery Level 2. Our weapon options are reasonably priced when we consider CC upgrades -you can't really say no to a 5pt Halberd- but our ranged ones are insanely overpriced, being 35pts for a Psilencer (if it was free I'd consider taking it, hell if it was 5 pts I'd take it!) and a staggering 45pts for the holy Psycannon. Yuck. The 5pt Incinerator is a steal in comparison. GMs also have access to servo-skulls and rad grenades which is cool and nifty, setting them apart from their special character counterparts with this added utility and can also take an Orbital Strike relay, which is cool, but worthless unless you are writing a Orbital Strike spam list, because at 50pts it's not the kind of thing to throw on a character lightly.

Building a GK Force - The List

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here with another list variation for the new GKs, but this one I think I might well build on the cuff whilst I'm typing. I'm doing this to give an insight as to what I'm thinking for my 1500pt list, plus it gives me a visual aid in order to keep my thought process constructive and to the point, which can only be a good thing when building a list. I have a rough idea, so let's get down the business and get writing shall we!

First our Troops, I was considering MSU, utilising GKSS and Psybacks to gain fire supremacy in the midfield however, in my mind max MSU lists are a bit squishy -does that go against the rest of the internets?- and I'd prefer to get some meat in my list, so lets start with a maxed out Grey Knight Strike Squad with 2 Psycannons and a Rhino. This is going to be our advancing guard, moving opponents off of objectives and intercepting enemy infantry closing in on the GK midfield line, so we need to give them a little "umph". We add in a Master Crafted Hammer on the Justicar so we have more of a chance of popping open some sweet tastey transports at close range and psybolts to increase our chances of killing infantry at 24 inches. Sod it, lets have two of them for a solid advancing guard. So;

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