Thursday, 28 April 2011

ARMY LISTS: Rough Crowe 1500

Ahoyhoy internets. After reviewing the list from yesterday I decided it was trying to do something silly...and I really wanted a Purifier here we go. Enjoy, feedback is appreciated:

Crowe 150

Purifiers x5 120
-Psycannon x2-140

Purifiers x8 192
-Psycannon x2, 5x Halberd, Hammer-227
--Rhino 40--

Purifiers x7 168
-Psycannon x2, 2xHalberd Hammer- 197
--Rhino 40--

PsyRifleman 115
-Autocannonx2 15 Psybolts 5- 135


The idea was to have a more solid midfield than the GKSS units would allow. Yes it's still power armour, but now I have the added utility of extra psycannons and better statlines for slightly more cost. The larger units are there to hold midfield till midgame then to objective grab and advance if needs be - they should be an ok assault force should a unit need finishing off or slowed down. They won't take down TWC but they'll get the job done with Tactical Squads and other similar units. Plus Cleansing Flame is the boy. Crowe hides behind the tanks until something gets too close or gets behind the midfield lines. Simple.

Love, Dave

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

ARMY LISTS: Two Rough GK Lists

Ahoyhoy internets, I have 2 lists here for your critique, they're basically just a buyer's guide for me but I want to see what you think of this 1k list and then its 1.5k big brother.

GK 1000pts

Ordo Malleus Inq, 3 Skulls, Power Armour 42
-3 MM Servators, 1 Warrior with Bolter (I know, it's there for'll see when you see the models...), Chimera- 90

GKSS x10, 2 Psycannons, MC Daemonhammer, Rhino, Searchlight 276

GKSS x5, Psycannon, Psyback, Searchlight 161  x2

Psyrifleman x2 270

And the bigger bro:

GK 1500pts

Libby, 3 Skulls, Shrouding, Sanct 175

Ordo Malleus Inq, 3 Skulls, Power Armour 42

-3 MM Servators, 1 Warrior with Bolter, 2 Warriors with Meltaguns Chimera, Searchlight-118

GKSS x10, 2 Psycannons, MC Daemonhammer, Rhino, Searchlight 276

GKSS x5, Psycannon, Psyback, Searchlight 161  x3

Psyrifleman x3 405

Thoughts and changes?

Love, Dave

40k: Grey Knights Review Part 1- The Lords of Titan

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here with the first of the promised articles on the shiney ones themselves - the Grey Knights. Today we're starting right at the beginning and looking at the neumerous HQ options featured in the GK codex and discussing their merits on the tabletop. So here we go!

Lord Kaldor Draigo
"Slayin' Daemons, like a boss"

Draigo is a monster put plainly and simply. He comes with an upgraded Grand Master statline which is fairly nasty in the first place -he's running about with WS 7, T5 and 4 attacks & wounds man!- He's running along with Terminator armour, a Storm Shield, the usual complement of GK Termy grenades and a storm bolter like most of the book is with some shiney extras. Mastery level 2 is nice with being able to use his unique power, Sanctified Flame -basically a heavy flamer with no AP- and charge in using the Titansword as a force weapon or casting Hammerhand in combat. The Titansword is nice, a MC force weapon with Daemonbane that resolves attacks against a unit with a Daemon or Psyker in it as S10, but it would be better if it counted as a Nemesis Force Sword that was MC and had the cool S10 bit, although is a 2+/2++ in combat fair? Probably not. Eternal warrior is here, along with Fearless and the Grand Strategy rule from the GK GM entry, but we'll get into that later. Finally with the Lord of Titan rule, he makes Paladin Terminators troops, which is interesting, but with the lack of option for Storm Shields, they are far more squishy than other Terminator builds. The option for Psybolt ammo would have been nice, making that bog standard Storm Bolter a bit more mean, but you can't have it all.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Finally after 2 long months....Cocktails and Knights and cool shizz

Fear not friends...the Great One returns...

Ahoyhoy internets! I know what you're thinking -"Jesus Dave, where have you been, we were so worried about you, we missed your face! Why Dave, why leave us, please never do it again. I think we should see a movie sometime, maybe go for dinner...a few drinks...some dancing...- It's ok, I won't be doing it again.

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