Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Finally after 2 long months....Cocktails and Knights and cool shizz

Fear not friends...the Great One returns...

Ahoyhoy internets! I know what you're thinking -"Jesus Dave, where have you been, we were so worried about you, we missed your face! Why Dave, why leave us, please never do it again. I think we should see a movie sometime, maybe go for dinner...a few drinks...some dancing...- It's ok, I won't be doing it again.

So what have I been up to for 2 months that would tear me away from you? Well a number of really shiney and cool things friends! I'm currently doing a 6 week session of courses provided by Maxxium (of Famous Grouse, Jim Beam, Bols and Maker's Mark fame) as part of their Mixxit programme in association with Dram Magazine, that takes 10 of the best young bartenders in the country, breaks them down, builds them back up and finds the best of the best in the British bar scene. So after the remainins sessions are over, it will be away to sunny Glasgow town for the Dram Magazine awards on the 20th of June where one of us will be crowned Bar Apprentice of the Year. Pretty shwing huh?

What else has Dave been up to? Grey Knights of course -silly rabbit-. First thing's first, I love the new book stylistically and from a fiction perspective. The background to the chapter itself has been vastly developed and was a charm to read and genuinely captured me. Per fluff relating to certain special characters (cough Draigo) I felt some proof reading was needed from someone who wasn't a complete fanboy. Regards a certain Chapter Master, the fluff is...well...insane regards to carving a name on Mortarion's heart and the whole wandering through the warp -whilst badass- is very far flung for my liking. Also, check out in the first few paragraphs, and see if you can find a discrepency in the dates, it's there. Find it and laugh, I did.

Rules wise, it's a nice book, I think compared to some of the other power armour books it's fairly well costed, if a little expensive in places. GKSS are a decent troops choice that whilst being able to pour our mid-high power shots consistantly at medium range are short of a melta weapon and are pricey when we compare the optimum squad setup for both. NFWs help, but do not make -or indeed break- the unit. Henchies are cool and the options for them are both shwing and awesome, but I don't think many will look past the Crusader/DCA build or the "pillbox" Servator/JWS build for the unit, and that's a shame because there's some great utility in a lot of the options. Purifiers are made of win, with the ability to maximise Psycannon fire in a MSU build, the extra point of leadership, -which makes the unit in my opinion-  the extra attack -meh- and Cleansing Flame -could come in handy, so win- along with cheaper NFW upgrades.

I was a bit let down by the lack of ability to take Storm Shields on Paladins -there goes my unkillable army- but on reflection it avoids a truely unkillable Deathstar unit for the GK, but leaves Draigowing as a viable if slightly soft build. Similarly, I don't know why I would now take GKT units instead of GKSS or Purifiers (with Crowe) or indeed Henchies (with He Who Shall Not Be Named)

More in depth GK stuff tomorrow when I'm not rushing to get ready for work.

Also as a curve ball, a cocktail!

Not the drink btw...
Freaky Tiki Punch

Bacardi                 2 Measures
Creme de Cassis   1 Measure
Orange Juice         2 Measures
Pineapple Juice     2 Measures
Angostura Bitters  2 Dashes
Grenadine             Drizzle

Pour all ingredients into a shaker except the Grenadine and shake over ice throroughly for 10 seconds. Single strain into a large tiki mug or 16oz highball over ice. Drizzle grenadine over the top of the drink and finish with a generous sprinkle of flamed cinnamon. The result should be a pink frothy drink that tastes like the 80s and will most likely send you back in time after a few. Enjoy my friends!

GK post tomorrow along with some other cool shizzle!

Love, Dave

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