Tuesday, 30 November 2010

COCKTAIL: BoLS Time: Bigred and Darkwynn

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here celebrating a great day for the blog. Bigred decided in his wisdom to put CSNS on the BoLS blogroll and induct the blog into the Bell of Lost Souls Alliance. Suffice to say, I'm chuffed.

I want to steal this logo, or the glass...f&^% you guys!
-and not just "oh let's have a cup of tea chuffed, chuffed like let's have a sexy party chuffed-

Booya. So in a similar move to when Lauby and Dethtron decided to let me into their collective insanity of HoP -long may it shine as a beacon of hugs and gropings- here are some awesome BoLS themed cocktails.

The guys requested a couple so I've been working on the all day and I think these should fit his specifications perfectly. Try them out guys, who knows maybe a future competition could have you winning some ;)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

40k: Hunt the Alien - 500pts Built

Ahoyhoy internets, quick update to show the first built 500pts of Deathwatch! Painting progress to follow tomorrow.
The Strike Force

40k: Hunt the Alien List v3

Ahoyhoy internets, here I think will be the final draft of the shooty Deathwatch 1500pts list. On the advice of Fester on 3++ chat a few days ago, I've decided to drop the idea of a thunderwolf "hammer" for this points level and just went with an all shooty, all singy, all dancy Deathwatch. Any comments are still more than welcome however. -That means you Archnomad-

The Calixian Schism: The Raven's Tale Chapter 2

++Chapter Two++
The Princess and the Paupers

The first thing to hit him was the smell. Damp and greasy to the nose, this is what they all smelt like, at least all of the ones he had been to in his short life. The slums of the Coché Hurrum province on the southern continent of the great hive world of Malfi were no different to Drake than the twenty other slum hives he had visited in his lifetime. Dirty, dank and above all depressing.

The rockcrete street outside of the boarding house was potted and filthy from the dirty sub-tropical rainfall that so often passed over the slums, full of acid, chemical and soot thrown into the planet's atmosphere from the innumerable manufactorum complexes on the northern continent of the hive. He looked to the emerald sky, polluted with grey and magenta clouds of toxic gasses and sighed to himself, lifting the collar of his jet stormcoat as he did.

There was no point in throwing on any other clothes in the current climate, meteorological scans obtained from a planet wide vox frequency indicated that the acid rain would stay away for at least another eighteen hours. So Drake hoped anyway.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Dave's Day Off #4

Happy weekend folks! Let's get old skool with a tune from a great man not with us anymore.
Stick it on, get your gladrags on and have an awesome weekend.

Please remember to drink responsibly, don't hurt yourselves or someone else.

Love, Dave

40k Hunt the Alien: Ordo Xenos Thunderwolves and other such hammers.

As the name of the post suggests, what do you think of the concept of Thunderwolves in a Deathwatch themed army. Good, bad, ugly? How would you do them if you did include them, the same as Space Wolves, some kind of killy machine of death a la Penitant Engine or something completely different.
Concept? I think so!

In my mind the "classic" -can it be classic yet?- Thunderwolf aka big growly model shouldn't be in the army, mainly because they are about as rare as the Emperor farting gold dust, but some sort of machine construct with a marine riding/driving it could work. The only thing is I think I'm trying to include the Thunderwolf unit as a hammer, because as the DW list currently stands I really don't have one. I'd much rather have Speeders in my DW, but theres nothing else I can see, save taking out one of my 3 Lone Wolves and putting in WG. What do you think about thematic hammers?

The floor is open.

Love, Dave


Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here with a little something for your Friday night  (though not mine because I am VERY hungover...thank you work friends....) dedicated to the man who inspired last week's Drinking a Man's Drink article, Brother Loring of 3++ is the new black fame. The man likes his rum, and I am more than happy to oblige in that respect -as long as I'm not drinking it...bleeeehhhh not feeling it today-

BroLo LoCo Tiki Punch

Pampero Ron Anejo Especial     2 Measures
Blue Curacao                             1 Measure
Mango Juice                               3 Measures                                      
Passionfruit Juice                        3 Measures
Grenadine                                  1/2 Measure
Juice of half a squeezed lime


Super simple, just build in a tall glass or some kind of cool ceramic tiki mug over cubed ice and stir. Garnish with a big old chunk of mango. A real simple fun drink and tastes like liquid Bahamas, just the thing to make you forget the cold winter night...or if you are in the land of Aus, the perfect thing to sit on the beach with and wait for Santa.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

40k Hunt the Alien: FNGs

Pictures of some recently inducted marines. Enjoy!

The Blood Angels arrive in force...well...3 is a kind of force ain't it.
Group picture of all the FNGs in the Tactical Kill Teams.

KT Beta: Desciple of Iron, Blood Angel, Storm Warden, Red Templar, Crimson Fist [No pad]
The question still stands about which codex to use, currently it's geared for C:SW but obv can be re-written for C:SM or BA, please leave your thoughts about which book to use for a Deathwatch dedicated force.

Love, Dave

The Calixian Schism: The Raven's Tale

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here finally getting into GM mode and getting something done campaign wise. After much deliberation about how to chronicle the events of the upcoming epic yarn in the grim dark future that myself and a few enthusiastic individuals are about to embark on, I came up with a rather spiffy conclusion. Each session, I'll be putting up a piece of fiction focussing on the events which took place in the previous session and another piece about the session or events beyond the session from the eyes of our Inquisitor, Thaddeus Drake. With that in mind, I'll be putting up a few prelude pieces that I heartily encourage my players to read and for the rest of you to have a look at before we start the game.

I really hope you enjoy what is the come in the following weeks and months, this story is a bit of a labour of love of mine. Its not Abnett, but I'm incredibly proud of the spin I've put on the 40k universe and the characters who you will see in these pieces. The Raven's Tale tells the story of the Calixian Schism from the viewpoint of Inquisitor Thaddeus Drake and The Emperor's Will tells the story of Team Nova and their endevour to expunge a heresy that will take them from the Calixis sector to the soil of Holy Terra itself and beyond.

Love, Dave

Hunt the Alien: The B Team and Other Ponderings

Ahoyhoy internets, some more Deathwatch progress has been made today, though lack of other chapter shoulder pads has been a bit of a pain in the bum -still waiting in Ultramarines, Imperial/Crimson Fists and Silver Skulls pads from GW along with another 10 sets of Deathwatch gear...but who's counting...hurry up post- but hey, you have to get on with things don't you! On the plus side, Kill Team Delta is completely built and Team Beta have been completed minus some shoulder pads which is a cheeky bonus as well as the "Team Leader" of Kill Team Alpha -aka the poster boys- has been modelled and is awaiting Ultramarine pad.

Now a few things bothering me with this army. First and foremost I don't know about using the SW book. It does pander to my idea of the more "kitted out" Marines, with acute senses (better helmet augmentation or something) and counter attack (well, they're combat vets aren't they) as well as able to include some epic parts of the Deathwatch fluff (Lone Wolves as Black Shields, supercool Libbies etc etc). However, lack of special ammunition, a staple of the chapter in the fluff and a key feature of Sternguard Vets that are unavailable to the Wolves and the more "fragile" leadership state of the army is causing me some concern. I also don't want to be labelled as WAAC for using the commonly considered "best" power armour book in the game. I like winning, don't get me wrong I LOVE winning more than I love lemon cake, but I do like a bit of theme continuity in there too.

So my friends, what to do? Well I'd love some feedback in that respect. What fits the Deathwatch in your mind: C:SM, C:BA, C:SW or any other book for that matter?

Love, Dave

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

RPG: How do you GM?

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer putting out a little call to my fellow GMs. Now as you know, my DH will be starting fairly soon and with that in mind, I've been writing my GM notes for the game. Now I'm fairly well known in our parts for my notes being....extensive. Example -prepare for wall of text-

The Ordo WTF???

Monday, 22 November 2010

Drinking a Man's Drink #3: Rum

Ahoyhoy most glorious internets, your DaveHowitzer here with yet another Drink Feature, this time on everyone's favourite caribbean export -...no not weed- RUM!!!


The origin of the word rum is unclear; one theory suggests that it was British slang for a spirit not defined as a whisky, brandy or arack and was generally defined as excelent -but I think we can discoutn this becuase early rums were generally very poor- and yet another suggests that it was coined from the latin word for sugar, saccharum. Another probable origin is as a truncated version of rumbullion or rumbustion, old slang terms for "tumult" or "uproar." This seems fairly apt, as it conjours up images of priates and lowlifes drinking rum in some island tavern and causing a massive fight a la Pirates of the Caribbean.
Because we drank it...duh.

In current usage, the name used for a rum is often based on the rum's place of origin. For rums from Spanish-speaking locales the word ron is used. A ron añejo indicates a rum that has been significantly aged and is often used for premium products. Rhum is the term used for rums from French-speaking locales, while rhum vieux is an aged French rum that meets several other requirements.

Some of the many other names for rum are Nelson's Blood -a nod to the good Admiral himself-, Kill-Devil, Demon Water, Pirate's Drink, Navy Neaters, and Barbados water. A version of rum from Newfoundland is referred to by the name Screech, while some low-grade West Indies rums are called tafia.


The long anticipated return of the useless filler valuable resource that is the Monday Pimp has come! -Good lord I hear you cry, he has got off his arse and actually written something-

So in a week where...well...everyone's blog has been full of the 1.1 40k FAQ, Dark Eldar shenanagans and those crappy November blues, I thought this week's Pimp should centre around things that were a little different. Enjoy friends!

1) A Call to Arms, Will it Pick Up or Just Hit Ignore? by Dethtron @ Dick Move

I frikkin love Dethtron and his blog, his music, the fact that he's an ace guy and pretty much everything about him -in a completely non-gay way- So on Thursday when I saw this article the first thing I said to myself was; "So typically Deth...I loves it." Dethtron takes a stab at those people we all love to hate -though not as much as That F***ing Guy, and slightly less than Archnomad- the fluff at all costs gamer (FAAC). Rightly so in my mind, mind your own damn business when it comes to how someone want's to build an army list. If you have geniune critique go right ahead, but FFS if the arguement comes down to taking TH/SS Termies in a -insert random shooty Chapter- army is worse than papering your walls with dead kittens, you can sling your hook. So, internets, let's take a leaf from Deth's book and spread the term FAAC (fluff at all costs) around the interwebs and slander these people! I love the background as much as the next guy...but get a grip.


2) [Weekly Whimsy] Brutal Beauty by Loquacious @ World of Wonder  (also see HoP)

I'm sure most of you know I'm a big fan of Loq's blog and this post that appeared on HoP earlier in the week is no exception, and further I agree with her 100% on the matter. The article is a response to the general hatred around the webs of the Stormraven model, and puts forward the case that it has a kind of brutal, killy, I'm going to eat your face kind of charm to it. It does guys come on! a flying Land Raider coming at you, you'd make a brown mess in your armour. Reading through the comments I find something though, relating to the above article (Dethtron's). There seems to be a few -a lot- of mentions of the aerodynamics of this vehicle and the fact that IRL it would not fly. Guys and dolls I have some news for you: IT'S A GAME. It's a frikkin model, not a new model of fighter plane! But, on that strand of thought, lets look at the Eurofighter- the most aerodynamically unstable plane in the air, yet flies like a dream due to awesome tech. How about them apples. Be happy it's there, looks like flying awesome to the face and that GW put in the effort to make one and not make you keep buying Land Raiders and Valks to convert them. Seriously...stop bitching, they put hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds into their models. You don't like it? Don't use it. FAACs...


3) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: A Beginning by Archnomad @ Skavenblight

Archy is a massive douche gem to read -unless he critiques your list...in which case prepare to cry- and this really got me salivating. Like myself he is starting up a RPG game, but where I'm taking the 40k route, he is taking the Fantasy. Anything to do with RPG games gets me excited...but to be honest this excites me because a) it's a good prologue  b) I'm near him so I can play -woo hoo- Check out Skavenblight for WFB its finger lickin' good.


Tune in when I can be bothered next week for more pimp action, or I'll get you with my strong hand!

Love, Dave

Saturday, 20 November 2010

How would you get through the Zombie Apocalypse?

At the moment it's between a pile of bank statements with a bottle of Triple Berry Vitamin Water and my Xbox 360. Well...since Maggie isn't going ANYWHERE -yeah...I named her, so what?- bank statements and Vitamin Water, I CHOOSE YOU!

So guys, what are you using to fight off the undead masses?

Totally pilfered from geeksaresexy.net check em out!

Love, Dave

Friday, 19 November 2010

Dave's Day Off #3

Ahoyhoy internets, DJ Dave Howitzer here giving you tunes to get your weekend started every Friday/Saturday (well...from now on...) So stick this on, grab a drink, don your gladrags and go mental!

At the weekend folks remember, its the guys in my line of work; bartenders, bouncers and taxi drivers that have to look after you, so please drink responsibly and don't hurt yourselves or anyone else.

And suit up....

Love, Dave

COCKTAIL: Skavenblight Sour for Archnomad

Ahoyhoy internets, here we have a little something I've bashed up for all round douchebag legendary Fantasy blogger Archnomad! Little bit of Strawberry & Melon Sour action, give it a bash this weekend.

Skavenblight Sour

Midori                           1 Measure
Aivy White Vodka         1 Measure
Lime Juice                      1 Measure
Sugar Syrup                   1/2 Measure
4 Mint Leaves
White of half an egg

Mega simple for this one, throw your 4 mint leaves and the Sugar Syrup into the bottom of your shaker set and muddle the leaves. -or for those of you who don't know, that means hit them till they BREAK!!!! YEAH!!- Then pour all other ingredients into your shaken. Shake vigourously for 10 seconds and strain into a rock/old fashioned glass, garnishing with a spirg of mint. The end result; a sweet and fruity cocktail perfect for those nights when the party just doesn't want to stop. The melon notes come through quite strongly, but are complemented by the sweetness of the Aivy very well, and comes as a real surprise when drinking due to the very heavy nose of mint. Finally that half egg white ensures the sour is not as dry as perhaps a Whisky or Amaretto sour but still gives that great thick texture.

Plus, it's green...so its a bit Skaven -yeah...-

Please drink responsibly this weekend guys!

Love, Dave

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hunt The Alien: Beginnings of the Watch

Ahoyhoy internets, some 40k gubbins here from your local interweb hero, DaveHowitzer. As you know, the Deathwatch army has begun and I figured whilst I wait for yet another shipment of Chapter shoulderpads (another DW set, Ultramarines, Crimson/Imperial Fists and Silver Skulls) to arrive I figured I'd show you some awesome progress with the models. Currently We have 4/5 of Beta Team modelled (one minus Chapter pad) and 3/5 of Alpha Team -or the poster boys as I call them, the squad SHOULD mimic the one on the front of the DW rulebook from FFG- with many, many, many more marines WiP.


COCKTAIL: The Pablo Martinez

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here making a triumphant return to the interweb after a metric ton of...well...stuff that I've been doing away from the blog, but that'll all be explained in another post, for now, here's something for your weekend...and trust me, it's not for the faint of heart. Let's get a little hot under the collar with this winter warmer:

Pablo Martinez

Patrón Anejo     2 measures
Chilli Bitters       2-4 dashes
Agave Nectar    2 Bar/Teaspoons

Made exactly like  an Old Fashioned or a Treacle: pour 2 barspoons full of Agave Nectar Honey into the bottom of an Old Fashioned or rock glass and add bitters. Half fill the glass with ice and add one measure of tequila and stir thoroughly. Fill the glass with ice, add the next measure of tequila, rinse and repeat. Finally garnish with a fairly hot chili and a wedge of lime for awesome results. Done. We add so little agave nectar because it is about twice as sweet as normal sugar (as I found out the first time I made this...looking like a right silly boy in front of a room full of fellow bartenders at Andy Gemmel's new Tiki Bar in Glasgow...bad times) and the chill works very well with the aged Patron, giving it the proverbial boot up the arse. What can we do to mix things up a bit? Perhaps a splash of fresh pressed apple juice over the top to add a little bit more freshness to the drink? Or maybe, if your wallet feels a bit heavy you could splash out and replace the Patron with Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia. Hellz yeah.

Love, Dave

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hunt The Alien: Deathwatch 1.5k Mk. II

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here. Apologise for the lack of content this week, but it's been a busy old one at the salt mines. However I have got my first batch of 30 Deathwatch on order, arriving Monday and I've had time to punch up a new 1500pts list.

Tear it apart:

Deathwatch 1500pts DakkaBosh

Rune Priest 100
Chooser of the Slain 10
Living Lightning
Murderous Hurricane


Lone Wolf  20
Terminator Armour 25
Storm Shield 25
Chainfist 15


Grey Hunters Pack (5) 75
-Razorback 40
- Las/Plas 35

-Fast Attack-

Land Speeder Typhoon 90

-Heavy Support-

Long Fangs Pack (6) 90
Missile Launcher (5) 50

Its at 1475, so pointers appreciated.

Love Dave
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