Tuesday, 30 November 2010

COCKTAIL: BoLS Time: Bigred and Darkwynn

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here celebrating a great day for the blog. Bigred decided in his wisdom to put CSNS on the BoLS blogroll and induct the blog into the Bell of Lost Souls Alliance. Suffice to say, I'm chuffed.

I want to steal this logo, or the glass...f&^% you guys!
-and not just "oh let's have a cup of tea chuffed, chuffed like let's have a sexy party chuffed-

Booya. So in a similar move to when Lauby and Dethtron decided to let me into their collective insanity of HoP -long may it shine as a beacon of hugs and gropings- here are some awesome BoLS themed cocktails.

The guys requested a couple so I've been working on the all day and I think these should fit his specifications perfectly. Try them out guys, who knows maybe a future competition could have you winning some ;)

Zombie - Plague Marine

Dark Rum (Myers used)                                         1 part
Gold Rum (Pampero Ron Anejo Especial used)      1 part
Apricot Brandy (Bols Apricot used)                       1/2 part
Blue Curacao                                                         1  part
Orange Juice                                                           2 parts
Pineapple Juice                                                       2 parts
Lime Juice                                                              1 part
Sugar Syrup                                                           1/2 part
Orange Bitters                                                        2 dashes
Overproof Rum (Pussers used)                               1 part

So first thing I was asked for was something Death Guard themed, for obvious reasons...I mean come on, have you SEEN  Bigred's army? If not, I'll have some pictures posted at the end of the article. Anyhoo what do we have here? It's a variation on a classic Zombie cocktail, with a bit of extra zing to it...and it's green. So really simple with some fun at the end: add all of our ingredients to a cocktail shaker over ice with the exception of the Overproof Rum. Shake that bad boy up and pour into a large tumbler or even a beer mug (that would be awesome actually). Finally float the overproofed rum on top of the drink. Now the fun bit: Grab yourself a cube of brown sugar and saturate it with bitters. place it on top of the drink and set the rum alight and see what happens. It's pretty awesome! What you get with this drink is something that will punch you in the face when you drink it. Seriously, be warned this thing is lethal. If you like sweet things you will not like it. If you like a vodka and coke over say a mojito at the weekend, you will not like it. If you have any wish to hold on to the content of your stomach after 4 of these, you will not like it. However, if you are up for something that tastes like a man drink, something that just tastes of tropical juice made with liquid fire you will love it. At first you have a strong bitter note from the tropical juices - the orange, pineapple and lime however after the inital shock to the tongue you will get the sweet notes of the rum and the apricot through that will just make you want more and more. Pleasure and pain at once! Bit more Slaanesh than Nurgle, but hey, you wanted poison and this is it!
I sang this at karaoke last week.. really was Purple Pain.

Darkwynn's Purple Pain

Ketel One Vodka                                    1/2 part
Bols Genever                                          1 part
Southern Comfort                                   1 part
White Rum (Pampero Blanco used)         1/2 part
Blue Curacao                                          1 part
Cointreau                                                1/2 part
Spray of Green Absinthe
Kinda like a normal Purple Rain with a bit of a mainland Europe twist. First, spray inside a tall glass with absinthe (not a lot, one or two sprays is more than enough) and add ice. Then add the rest of the ingredients to a cocktail shaker on ice except the lemonade and grenadine. Shake and pour. Top with lemonade and then pour grenadine slowly to make the purple "rain". Stir. Serve. Done. what can we do to mix things up a little? If you're feeling lucky after a tourney win toss the lemonade and add a fruity champaign such as Lanson. Yeah, that's a victory drink right there.
-a note on Genever- Genever is the Dutch version of Gin which is actually what the Wnglish tried to emulate when creating Gin. It is a completely different kettle of fish and when I first got hold of it, I really struggled with it. However, I found that in this I preferred it to the gin I used, so stuck with it.-

So there we go, a very happy Dave and hopefully a couple of satisfied -and intoxicated- Fly Lords. I really am looking forward to seeing what you all think about these two, definately a couple of party cocktails and both very capable of being made into pitchers for those victory parties, big Apocalypse games or sticking on some Barry White and saying to the ladies "Hey baby..." -that has totally worked at least once right....right???-

Anyhoo, that's enough from me, after the beep comes some piccys of Bigred's AWESOME Pre Heresy Death Guard.

Love, Dave


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