Friday, 26 November 2010

40k Hunt the Alien: Ordo Xenos Thunderwolves and other such hammers.

As the name of the post suggests, what do you think of the concept of Thunderwolves in a Deathwatch themed army. Good, bad, ugly? How would you do them if you did include them, the same as Space Wolves, some kind of killy machine of death a la Penitant Engine or something completely different.
Concept? I think so!

In my mind the "classic" -can it be classic yet?- Thunderwolf aka big growly model shouldn't be in the army, mainly because they are about as rare as the Emperor farting gold dust, but some sort of machine construct with a marine riding/driving it could work. The only thing is I think I'm trying to include the Thunderwolf unit as a hammer, because as the DW list currently stands I really don't have one. I'd much rather have Speeders in my DW, but theres nothing else I can see, save taking out one of my 3 Lone Wolves and putting in WG. What do you think about thematic hammers?

The floor is open.

Love, Dave


  1. I adore hammers. Period. I am terrified I'm really a SW or BA player in disguise so I run from reality... that's a viable option, right?

  2. Totally viable and I suggest finding a hammer to back up your arguement should anyone disagree!

  3. One possibility is having a bunch of marines on one base looking like they are sprinting and up armored. If you can model them so it looks like they fight exceedingly well in close combat as a team it could be fluffy and very unique. Have one or two leaping off rocks or something to make them as tall as a thunderwolf and you'll be good to go.


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