Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hunt The Alien: Beginnings of the Watch

Ahoyhoy internets, some 40k gubbins here from your local interweb hero, DaveHowitzer. As you know, the Deathwatch army has begun and I figured whilst I wait for yet another shipment of Chapter shoulderpads (another DW set, Ultramarines, Crimson/Imperial Fists and Silver Skulls) to arrive I figured I'd show you some awesome progress with the models. Currently We have 4/5 of Beta Team modelled (one minus Chapter pad) and 3/5 of Alpha Team -or the poster boys as I call them, the squad SHOULD mimic the one on the front of the DW rulebook from FFG- with many, many, many more marines WiP.


The B-Team. [Unspecified Dude], Desciple of Iron, Storm Warden, Red Templar.
The A-Team: Dark Angel, Black Templar, Blood Angel
"We are the Emperor's [unpainted] will, made manifest!"

Love, Dave


  1. It's lookin good. Will look better painted up though. I canny wait to see that.

    I'm currently torn between Skaven and Cygnar. Cygnar is winning that, but I'm gonna buy trolls a week tomorrow, so I reckon they'll win overall, as their skin will be so easy to paint. :D

  2. I'll do the Skaven if you want? =P *gribble*


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