Monday, 22 November 2010


The long anticipated return of the useless filler valuable resource that is the Monday Pimp has come! -Good lord I hear you cry, he has got off his arse and actually written something-

So in a week where...well...everyone's blog has been full of the 1.1 40k FAQ, Dark Eldar shenanagans and those crappy November blues, I thought this week's Pimp should centre around things that were a little different. Enjoy friends!

1) A Call to Arms, Will it Pick Up or Just Hit Ignore? by Dethtron @ Dick Move

I frikkin love Dethtron and his blog, his music, the fact that he's an ace guy and pretty much everything about him -in a completely non-gay way- So on Thursday when I saw this article the first thing I said to myself was; "So typically Deth...I loves it." Dethtron takes a stab at those people we all love to hate -though not as much as That F***ing Guy, and slightly less than Archnomad- the fluff at all costs gamer (FAAC). Rightly so in my mind, mind your own damn business when it comes to how someone want's to build an army list. If you have geniune critique go right ahead, but FFS if the arguement comes down to taking TH/SS Termies in a -insert random shooty Chapter- army is worse than papering your walls with dead kittens, you can sling your hook. So, internets, let's take a leaf from Deth's book and spread the term FAAC (fluff at all costs) around the interwebs and slander these people! I love the background as much as the next guy...but get a grip.


2) [Weekly Whimsy] Brutal Beauty by Loquacious @ World of Wonder  (also see HoP)

I'm sure most of you know I'm a big fan of Loq's blog and this post that appeared on HoP earlier in the week is no exception, and further I agree with her 100% on the matter. The article is a response to the general hatred around the webs of the Stormraven model, and puts forward the case that it has a kind of brutal, killy, I'm going to eat your face kind of charm to it. It does guys come on! a flying Land Raider coming at you, you'd make a brown mess in your armour. Reading through the comments I find something though, relating to the above article (Dethtron's). There seems to be a few -a lot- of mentions of the aerodynamics of this vehicle and the fact that IRL it would not fly. Guys and dolls I have some news for you: IT'S A GAME. It's a frikkin model, not a new model of fighter plane! But, on that strand of thought, lets look at the Eurofighter- the most aerodynamically unstable plane in the air, yet flies like a dream due to awesome tech. How about them apples. Be happy it's there, looks like flying awesome to the face and that GW put in the effort to make one and not make you keep buying Land Raiders and Valks to convert them. Seriously...stop bitching, they put hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds into their models. You don't like it? Don't use it. FAACs...


3) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: A Beginning by Archnomad @ Skavenblight

Archy is a massive douche gem to read -unless he critiques your which case prepare to cry- and this really got me salivating. Like myself he is starting up a RPG game, but where I'm taking the 40k route, he is taking the Fantasy. Anything to do with RPG games gets me excited...but to be honest this excites me because a) it's a good prologue  b) I'm near him so I can play -woo hoo- Check out Skavenblight for WFB its finger lickin' good.


Tune in when I can be bothered next week for more pimp action, or I'll get you with my strong hand!

Love, Dave


  1. hetero hugs right back at you. Not that there's anything wrong with the other kind....


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