Friday, 19 November 2010

COCKTAIL: Skavenblight Sour for Archnomad

Ahoyhoy internets, here we have a little something I've bashed up for all round douchebag legendary Fantasy blogger Archnomad! Little bit of Strawberry & Melon Sour action, give it a bash this weekend.

Skavenblight Sour

Midori                           1 Measure
Aivy White Vodka         1 Measure
Lime Juice                      1 Measure
Sugar Syrup                   1/2 Measure
4 Mint Leaves
White of half an egg

Mega simple for this one, throw your 4 mint leaves and the Sugar Syrup into the bottom of your shaker set and muddle the leaves. -or for those of you who don't know, that means hit them till they BREAK!!!! YEAH!!- Then pour all other ingredients into your shaken. Shake vigourously for 10 seconds and strain into a rock/old fashioned glass, garnishing with a spirg of mint. The end result; a sweet and fruity cocktail perfect for those nights when the party just doesn't want to stop. The melon notes come through quite strongly, but are complemented by the sweetness of the Aivy very well, and comes as a real surprise when drinking due to the very heavy nose of mint. Finally that half egg white ensures the sour is not as dry as perhaps a Whisky or Amaretto sour but still gives that great thick texture.

Plus, it's its a bit Skaven -yeah...-

Please drink responsibly this weekend guys!

Love, Dave


  1. If one were so audacious to improv the drink, would forgoing the egg make it terrible?

  2. Not at all. Adding the white just makes it a "classic" sour. It's commonplace in many bars to ask if a customer wants the egg white or, indeed many forego it altogether. What you have to remember is, the white of the egg actually doesn't alter the flavour of the drink what so ever, it just thickens the drink a little and gives it a dryer feel. But it's not heresy to remove it at all. Personal preferences and all that jazz.

  3. Alright, I'll have to try this some time, looks great xD Plus, I love sour things.


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