Thursday, 18 November 2010

COCKTAIL: The Pablo Martinez

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here making a triumphant return to the interweb after a metric ton of...well...stuff that I've been doing away from the blog, but that'll all be explained in another post, for now, here's something for your weekend...and trust me, it's not for the faint of heart. Let's get a little hot under the collar with this winter warmer:

Pablo Martinez

PatrĂ³n Anejo     2 measures
Chilli Bitters       2-4 dashes
Agave Nectar    2 Bar/Teaspoons

Made exactly like  an Old Fashioned or a Treacle: pour 2 barspoons full of Agave Nectar Honey into the bottom of an Old Fashioned or rock glass and add bitters. Half fill the glass with ice and add one measure of tequila and stir thoroughly. Fill the glass with ice, add the next measure of tequila, rinse and repeat. Finally garnish with a fairly hot chili and a wedge of lime for awesome results. Done. We add so little agave nectar because it is about twice as sweet as normal sugar (as I found out the first time I made this...looking like a right silly boy in front of a room full of fellow bartenders at Andy Gemmel's new Tiki Bar in Glasgow...bad times) and the chill works very well with the aged Patron, giving it the proverbial boot up the arse. What can we do to mix things up a bit? Perhaps a splash of fresh pressed apple juice over the top to add a little bit more freshness to the drink? Or maybe, if your wallet feels a bit heavy you could splash out and replace the Patron with Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia. Hellz yeah.

Love, Dave


  1. I'm generally not a fan of tequilla, but this cocktail is intriguing. Probably because it has a chili pepper garnish and you likened it to the old fashioned

  2. Showing my noobness here, but what exactly are chili bitters?

    Also, where would one find Agave Nectar? It doesn't seem like the type of thing I'd find in my local grocery store.

    The drink sounds amazing, and I'd love to try it.

  3. I think a lot of prejudace against tequila comes from many of us in our teens and early twenties (aka meee) shotting it with lime/lemon and salt and thinking its a horrid drink, when actually it's as diverse as a scotch whisky. Tequila on the rocks (a good one though, like Reserva de le Familia) is the way forward my friend when it comes to this spirit. But more on that to come.

  4. @ Rikk

    Chili bitters is a type of cocktail bitters: you may be familiar with angostura bitters that go into some cocktails, such as a long vodka. Basically it is a high proof spirit macerated with something else, like chocolate, or orange peel, but most commonly herbs and spices to give a very, very high proof alcohol that should be "dashed" into a drink in a very small volume that changes the flavour completely.

    As for the agave, you should be able to get it from Sainsburies and Tesco, definately as Morrisons...even Asda if you're lucky (UK) or at Wal Mart in the US (I've checked, you can).

  5. Cool, I will have to keep a look out.


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