Wednesday, 24 November 2010

40k Hunt the Alien: FNGs

Pictures of some recently inducted marines. Enjoy!

The Blood Angels arrive in force...well...3 is a kind of force ain't it.
Group picture of all the FNGs in the Tactical Kill Teams.

KT Beta: Desciple of Iron, Blood Angel, Storm Warden, Red Templar, Crimson Fist [No pad]
The question still stands about which codex to use, currently it's geared for C:SW but obv can be re-written for C:SM or BA, please leave your thoughts about which book to use for a Deathwatch dedicated force.

Love, Dave


  1. I think C:SM works best. Sternguard work great for your 'regular' killteams, due to the specialty ammo.

  2. True, but then what about troops?

  3. Agree , sterns needed, no question

    As for troops ..... spec ops scouts ? they also get hellfire rounds (i think) and snipers wound big alien gribblies, could argue it fits the theme , but dont know much about deathwatch beyond the fact they hunt xeno.

    Shame nid hunters were removed for C:SM .....

  4. Space Wolves might not be such a bad shout either, Wolf Guard, Lone wolves and the 4 HQ's.

    Just a thought.


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