Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hunt The Alien: Deathwatch 1.5k Mk. II

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here. Apologise for the lack of content this week, but it's been a busy old one at the salt mines. However I have got my first batch of 30 Deathwatch on order, arriving Monday and I've had time to punch up a new 1500pts list.

Tear it apart:

Deathwatch 1500pts DakkaBosh

Rune Priest 100
Chooser of the Slain 10
Living Lightning
Murderous Hurricane


Lone Wolf  20
Terminator Armour 25
Storm Shield 25
Chainfist 15


Grey Hunters Pack (5) 75
-Razorback 40
- Las/Plas 35

-Fast Attack-

Land Speeder Typhoon 90

-Heavy Support-

Long Fangs Pack (6) 90
Missile Launcher (5) 50

Its at 1475, so pointers appreciated.

Love Dave


  1. The lone wolfs seem a bit out of place- generally they need Fenrisian wolves to go with them so that they'll actually do things before their inevitable (and glorious!) death. Maybe you could do it fluffily as Arbites cyber hounds or something?

    Other than that looks pretty good for 1500 pts. Go Death Watch!

  2. I disagree with them needing fenrisian wolves. It increases the footprint (significantly) and makes them a fair bit harder to hide. And when you've got a 2+/3++/4++, EW and FnP, do you really need to be hiding?

    Personally I would drop down the devs to 5 man each, and drop the typhoon. Then get 2 TWC to help your lone wolves out. Gives you a really irritating assault force. Really irritating.


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