Sunday, 31 October 2010

COCKTAIL: The Elliots Feature #1

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here once again with useless filler an awesome cocktail feature! Ok so you all know how I feel about my work...

-Yeah I know...I'm cool like that...-

I'm not the only barman with some cocktails to pimp on the internets you know! So, faithful internets, fill your boots with the best that Elliots, Prestwick has to offer. As usual, give them a try at your local bar this weekend for an awesome surprise and give us your feedback! Just remember who sent you; The Elliots Bar Team mofo!

Hendricks Victorian Mojito by Mark

Hendricks Gin        2 parts
Apple Juice            2 parts
Lime Juice              2 parts
Sugar Syrup           "Drizzle"
Cucumber              (3-4 cut pieces)
Mint Leaves           (5-7 leaves)

Ok so lets get to the cocktail that every bartender loves...and hates to make. A fun little spin on this classic - first drizzle Sugar Syrup into the bottom of a highball glass then pour the rest of the ingredients in. Throw in a few (3-4) cuts of cucumber into the mix and 5-7 fresh mint leaves. Fill with crushed ice and mix until the liquid and the contents are spread throughout the length of the glass. Garnish with a fresh cut of cucumber and a sprig of mint.
An absolutely suberb drink, the cucumber infusing the entire drink with an unashemedly obvious freshness. Perhaps the wrong time of year for it now, but I can picture myself sitting out in the sunshine with one of these bad boys in the warm summer weather...trip down to Aussie-land anyone?

Veracruz Martini by David C
Jack Daniel's             1.5 parts
KhalĂșa                      0.5 part
Lime Juice                 0.5 parts
Sugar Syrup               0.5 parts
Pineapple Juice          1 part


I feel Davy C is onto a new classic here, I'm gonna throw it out there right now. Add all the ingredients with the exception of the KhalĂșa into a Boston set and shake vigourously over ice until the liquid has a frothy texture to it. Pour into a chilled martini glass then slowly pour the shot of Khalua into the glass so that it sinks to the bottom of the mixture. Garnish with a slick of chocolate. The beauty of this cocktail in my mind is its intelegant use of ingredients that you would never realistically put together -a Tennessee whisky with pineapple???- that actually, strangely complement each other. The Jack's sweet notes are enchanced with the coffee liquer, and is given a little sharpness by the lime juice and an unashamedly creamy texture with only the slightest -and not unpleasent- note of pineapple through the drink. Fantastic

I sense a new Sunday night feature coming on guys ;)

More from the bar to come next week, featuring the Sweet Scotch Honey by David M and the Daiquiri con Caribbean by myself -and yes before you say anything...I work with 3 other Daves...things do get confusing at work-

Love, Dave


  1. Woohoo! Drinks on Sunday night are a great way to chase away a long week!

  2. Being more of a 'Real Ale Pub' man myself - albeit not much of a drinker these days - I was horrified when I moved away from all the lovely, lovely pubs in Norwich to rural Devon, where our village pub (singular) is not bad, per se, but nor is it good. It is mediocre.

    At beast, it could be described as "whelming".

    ...and their cheerful but chronically inept bar staff can barely pull a pint or locate a packet of scratchings without getting it wrong: the chances of them cocktailing it up are slim-to-none.

  3. Naturally, by "at beast" I meant "at best".

    Although it may well have been a tad Freudian...

  4. I've been in a few pubs like that myself Drax; where going to the rather surly looking barmaid to order a lint of lager and a cider and blackcurrent is often met with a grunt and a statement of "We don;t do cocktails here mate"


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