Thursday, 14 October 2010

GAMING: WoW players, I feel your pain

Ahoy there buddies, gavtheman here with a cool and exciting new post. First of all i need to apologise for my inexcusable lack of posting, second of all I was scared to open internet explorer due to this catostrohpic world of warcraft patch 4.0.1 (5.29  heard me). Recently I've been revising for exams which are due in a month so I won't be posting quite so much over the upcoming weeks.

FIRSTLY I have a question. Throughout the last couple months I have had a part-time job at a local hotel and I'm stuck on what to buy. I was thinking about buying an Xbox 360 and Halo Reach but is it worth the money? There is so much more I could buy and I just don't know what to do :/ if you could leave a comment in the comment section below it would be greatly appreciated. ttfn xx <3


1 comment:

  1. Totally look at the review I posted on Reach man

    its awfae gid


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