Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Calixian Schism: Prelude

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here once again with some content for my upcoming web based Dark Heresy game! -good God Emperor, 2 relevant posts in 2 days?-

So first thing's first, the day of the game. After seeing some comments, notably from the American/Canadian guys who want to join in, it seems Tuesday at 3pm your time is a little...difficult shall we say. Thus the plan is to have the game on a Sunday evening (GMT) which should make things easier for pretty much everyone. Please, if you're interested at playing at this time, give me a comment or send an email to
We'll discuss your class ideas and the way this will work, it looks like it will involve Ventrillo, online dicerollers, Googledocs and an online whiteboard at the moment, but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

So with that in mind, here's a little something to wet your whistle so to speak and get you in the RP mood. Enjoy!

“To break your enemy of the plains is not victory. To attain victory you must wipe the enemy out to a man, destroy their cities burn their very land and remove them from memory and history. Only then will you claim victory for Him on Earth and the furtherance of the Imperium” Quote attributed to Lord Solar Macharius

Prelude – In the End
M.41. 979

    It's been a long time since I've felt like a whole man. Physically I am there, I have muscle, blood bone and flesh, but there has been something missing for a very long time. The cold night air pricking my skin like so many small needles that a spirit healer may use to relieve stress does nothing but enhance the feeling of foreboding at the things to come. Perhaps I have been lax in my time in His service, recording very little in the way of a log or tome of my life. Perhaps it is to be expected of one such as I, anonymity in life as in death, something I believe in very strongly. Yet perversely, for those such as I and my comrades,  perhaps a life of anonymity is really what we deserve. We prosecute his most holy work and what do we receive in return. Death. Only Death. I suppose you could say that is true of all His servants, we all die in the end to keep his dream alive. No matter how much of a nightmare that has become.

His holy dream was once so pure. Imagine a great empire of humanity, claiming its rightful place as masters of the stars. Imagine a life without heresy, a life without xenos and a life without Chaos. Our Emperor would guide us into a new Golden Age, and there would be no poor, inhuman slums in the dreg, unders of the great hives. No gang lords preying in the sick and the poor for protection. No need for an Army that takes our men away from their loved ones. No need for His Inquisition to hold back the tide of decay that our beloved master never wished upon us.

The Imperium stinks. It reeks of corrupt perversion and deceit. It wreaks of putrid bureaucracy and inaction. It belches out poverty and instability. It wretches heresy and madness. There are only so many of us who can stop the tide of pestilence and madness before one plot to overthrow ten thousand years of Imperium comes to fruition and casts our galaxy to ruin. Throne, I expect to hear these things from a mad cleric of the Darkness or some aged Guard Vet who has seen too many battlefields and monstrosities in his time to have any faith left.
I have my faith, do not doubt that at least. My faith in the God Emperor is indestructible, it drives me on in pursuit of his enemies. Those who disbelieve and seek his annihilation must be stopped, it is why I do what I do. Purge, burn, kill. It is my life. This Imperium is not befitting of our Lord. Throne, if he could travel from the soil of Holy Terra and see his grand empire he would weep at what we have done without him. Bastard heresies of man. Each and every Administratum, complex. Each and every secret police force. Each and every stinking, corrupt subsector Governor. Each and every noble house and their spawn dabbling in warp things as a way to relieve their self brought melancholy. Each and every old man taking some unholy concoction of xeno berries to ease his painful hip. Each and every bastard trader who seeks his fortune in the Halo Stars. Each and every corrupted and impure son of Horus in this Imperium of Man!

And I alone can stop them.

They stopped me two decades ago, and they will not do it again.

I am Inquisitor Igance Hyrda and I will wipe this Imperium clean of the filth and corruption, no matter what the cost.

In the darkness, follow the light of Terra...

Love, Dave


  1. Sounds great. Now when on Sunday are we talking about? I could actually jump in if it's after work (2130 EST)

  2. "Purge, burn, kill. It is my life. "

    Some dangerous thinking there Ignace. That's a bit too close to the catch phrase of our favourite hat wearing nutcase.

    *Rennn ding ding ding ding ding ding REENNNNNN ding ding ding ding ding*



    Yeah, I liked it. (:

  3. Haha, yeah Archy, it is a bit Chaos...which should give u a clue as to the nature of the character saying it ;)

    and Chumby i dunno...cos that is like...1 am here...we could work something out for another session on a different day if that's good for you?


    Ahem. Also get yo' ass on 3++. It's a hub of conversation.

  5. Its hardly a spoiler! I listed him in the last DH post haha, but you need to determine the NATURE of his badness :P

  6. Dave, you have the heart of a roleplayer hiding somewhere over there!

    I loved this... so evocative and vicious.

  7. Cheers Loq. I firmly believe that each and every character in an RPG no matter what/who they are should be believable and to do that you have to get into the mind of that character. Why is he/she the way they are, what do they feel. =P just wait till tomorrow, then you get the other side of the penny Inquisitor wise...

  8. Just moderately on topic... I agree with what you say about believable characters. What I don't like is people who're in DH less for the RP and more for having a character to fight things (some people I could name, but I won't).

    See, the DH combat system sucks. The character relations, exploration and general "everything out of combat" bit is what's best. People who just want to get into fights aren't gonna enjoy DH that much, I feel.

    In addition, people who put no depth into their characters and just kind of expect stuff to magically fall into place as they go through the game (which it does, I need to keep everything moving) are another irk. Why bother playing an RPG? Why not just play a G? Now I appreciate that not everyone has the nack for creating characters out of the blue (hell I don't, takes me a good while to get a good character) but that's not what this is about. It's about the folk that don't even try to create a cool character. Which in my opinion totally ruins the spirit of the game.

    So, with that out the way, if I may ask to partake? I'd like to play a scum. Thanks Dave.


  9. Obv Archy, and I appreciate your comments =] That was the problem the game in Ayr had back in the day, half the group were heafty into their RP and investigation (Alex, Bryce, Russell and on occassion Adam) and the rest were in it for the blam blam, which made the pacing of the story a bit faster than I would have liked to accommodate that.
    As a GM its a big task playing the balancing act of action vs drama, but if done correctly then it can be a superb experience, one I hope to create for you all.

    Get a char with 8k exp written up, preferably on an online char sheet (ill send you an editable one if you havent got one) and send it to me asap. =]

  10. edit edit: ok after discussions with Archy 3.5k for chars lol

  11. does that go for all, or just billy?

  12. please send me an online sheet, Dave.


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