Friday, 22 October 2010

RPG: The Calixian Schism, we need heroes...

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here with a little follow-up to last week's Curse of the GM PC post that's going to take an interesting turn -....for the awesome!-

So after the post went live and I re-read through it again, I discovered something - I really miss roleplaying. I mean for a start, it's super fun; a group of mates all together hanging out and chilling whilst playing an awesome game. Second it's an escape of sorts, to live like someone else for a few hours a week. Finally it's an outlet for creativity, be it in the demenour of the character or the narrative of a plot- intregue, action, investigation, emotion etc coming into play.

So I was bummed out somewhat by the realisation that half of the old group has "left" (well...I say left...became somewhat douchey, but that's another story with far too much politics for my liking) and we would never have those times again. Then, browsing -stalking Lauby, Brent and Dethtron- the HoP page I came upon a startling discovery: CLICK HERE TO SEE MY DISCOVERY

So Lauby, dearest Lauby, I did not find this boring, I found it pretty awesome. So I emailed the good man and got talking about how to set up a method of getting a group together over the interwebs...and thus Dark Heresy Campaign 2.0 was born!

After pondering what on earth to write about I figure I'll be re-hashing DH C 1.0 but with less of the whole...GM PC taking over thing -trust me-

So, I need some players! I'll be looking at Tuesdays around 20:00 GMT but that's rough at the moment, another day could definately be arranged. Just an idea of interest in something like this would be excelent guys. There are spaces for all DH and RT characters, with Space Marines to join the fray at a later date (when the power level increases obv). Looking to start with mid-level characters at the moment.

Current dramatis personae:

Inquisitor Thaddeus Augustus Drake - Newly minted inquisitor with massive psychic potential. GM
Inquisitor Igance Hydra - former ally of Drake, and member of the Tyrantine Cabal- NPC
Commander Krell Strang -Mordian Guardsman, now Inquisitorial Stormtrooper. Drake's inner circle. NPC
Elena Sibella - Untouchable ex-Arbite. Drake's inner circle. NPC

Master Sgt Franc Kastle - Inquisitorial Storm Trooper - PC (Alex)
[As yet undecided character] - PC (Will)

So now it comes to you to fill some vacant spaces...

Love, Dave


  1. OOOOH! Hm. I have to see if I can finagle the time. Cause I want to play DH or RT, but all the guys that play locally are very, very, VERY young.

  2. Yeah, that's been a problem for us too when trying to find new players, the only guys who have free time all at the same time seem to shall we put this...pubertarily challeneged (I may have just made up a word referring to puberty there...)

  3. Sounds awesome. Too bad Tuesdays are gaming nights at the FLGS.

  4. as I say Chumby, day isnt set yet :) just the time i know might be an issue, but we can work around that too.

  5. Hmmm, I could find myself tempted , I have a couple of character concepts I have been itching to toy with......

  6. Sounds interesting- haven't played the game before but am always up for more Grim Dorkness. The suggested time wouldn't work for me unfortunately- 3:00 happens to be in the middle of me work day. Maybe on a Saturday/Sunday?


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