Monday, 11 October 2010

COCKTAIL: IHoP Selection

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here once again, taking it down a few gears after a heavy, heavy weekend at the bar. I'll tell you, I'm going to spend today finishing an Avenger unit, playing some Reach and drinking copious amounts of Lilt. -which will be awesome-

So I spent this morning catching up with my podcasts and the blogsphere when what do I find but the name of my little drunken corner of the internet right on the IHoP Top X post!

Fame = Fortune = More Suits = Success

Now, mad fanboy hysteria aside, I'd like to give massive thanks to Lauby and Brent for taking the time to check out the blog and I'm glad I'm doing something that actually entertains someone -unlike Archnomad...-

So to celebrate I'll do what I do best...MAKE COCKTAILS:


Belvedere Black RaspberryVodka                   50ml/2oz
Strawberry Jam                                               1.5 Teaspoons
Lemon Juice                                                    25ml/1oz
Mint Syrup                                                      10ml/ 0.3oz

Shaken with ice and fine strained into a martini glass. The end result should give a very refreshing drink that tastes of mixed berries, but has the sharpness of the lemon and mint to it to cleanse the palette. the drink should be a deep red/purple depending on the jam used and you should use a sprig of fresh mint as a garnish. Awesome! And also the vodka is super premium and hits you like a freight train. Yey Polish vodka!

Strictly Brent Mai Tai (Midnight Mai Tai)

Havana Anejo Especial                                    15ml/0.5oz
(Gold rum for those without access to Cuban Rum)
Havana Anejo Bianco                                      15ml/0.5ml
(White rum)
Blue Curacao                                                   20ml/1oz
Lime Juice                                                       18ml/0.75oz
Sugar Syrup                                                     10ml/0.3oz
Pineapple Juice                                                 25ml.1oz
Orgeat Syrup                                                   10ml/0.3oz
Pomegranate Grenadine                                   10ml/0.3ml                                         

I was gonna save this bad boy for a cocktail feature, but I really want to get it out there for you all! I tactically deployed this bad boy at the weekend for the punters in the bar and it was a massive hit. A great looking tiki cocktail; it should be a deep blue - which kinda reminded me of Strictly Average's background- and has a mint leaf garnish. If you want to make it really cheeky, get a Myers or Pussers float on the top and take a look at the colours in the drink, looks absolutely beautiful -I really should get a picture of one actually- and tastes great.

So all that's really left to say is thank you once again John and Brent for doing a great job and taking the time to check out the blog, it's been a great boost.

Now back to the Lilt...

Love, Dave

PS. Archnomad is actually a good guy and posts far more relevant things than I, check out Skavenblight if you get the looks so good cos of me ;)

All cocktails here were created by David Howie and Mark Morrison


  1. there needs to be some txt speak for a "genuinely hearty laugh". ghlol?

    Thanks, Dave!

  2. Or how about an emoticon for 'soon to be drunk?'

    I'll be testing this recipe this week, I promise you that!



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