Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Internets, I need YOU!

In bed...right now...
Ahoyhoy internets, your cherished bartender here with a plea! HELP ME!

What do YOU want from CSNS, the hottest new blog on the sphere. - and way better than that Archnomad guy's blog...what was it called again...-

Drop me an email at lord_davidoff@hotmail.co.uk or add me on msn or facebook yadda yadda and hit me up with what you want to see on this blog. More gaming? More 40k? More drink? DO IT

Don't be afraid I don't bite...

Love, Dave


  1. Skavenblight

    Just for reference. What I'd like personally is more drinking talk, as well as more WHFB. Get those WoC up you sloth! But I'm biased.

    Otherwise, I reckon you're doing well enough as is. I reckon us small blogs will find it very hard to compete with the giants, at least for the first few months. (:

    Recognition will come if we keep putting in effort I reckon.

  2. Oh! And get me a skaven cocktail. It better be green and make me tingle all over.

    Warpstone-esque. I'm sure that's a word.

  3. Send me money , or a bottle of Blantons :oP

  4. yeah, also agree , Im a fellow Britisher who runs a blog I sometimes feel like a satellite entity to the bigger blogs , my readership is growing pititifully slowly , lol

    prob my fault for writing too much blither and not painting enough , people seem to like my painting more than my blogging.

    I HATE painting *sobs*

  5. I like the mix as it is- just a touch of all the things I like without being too heavy, too sweet or too bitter.

    As to the smaller blogs: It lets you interact with your readers more frequently!

  6. Agreed Loquacious. However when you are nagged to do a Batrep for about a week and a half, then finally do one and it gets no replies... It's a bit of a downer. Haha.

    Not killing my fighting spirit though. I'll never stop posting. Never -.-

  7. @Sorrowshard: WTF man? I firggin love the banter on your blog

  8. Lol , when no one really comments for several articles you do start to wonder if anyone is actually reading them/likes them especially when your readership does not increase.


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