Sunday, 3 October 2010

International Suit Up Day

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here to have some serious talk.

-No, not serious like your Gran just passed away or your credit card has been used to pay for a condo in Bermuda-

As you know, this blog not only promotes Warhammer and all things gamey, I like to think it promotes a certain kind of lifestyle. One where all us gamer geeks can have fun with little plastic men, then go to a bar and be relatively successful with the opposite sex. One where a gamer can not only wear that 4 year old black/grey 'tallica teeshirt, but also wear a fine shirt and tie ensemble that gives him a fiendish glow of awesome. One where personal hygene does not merely extend to brushing your teeth once a week. One where the average length of hair in a group of guys is less than the extreme range of a Boltgun. -insert more gamer steriotypes here-

Yes friends, I belive in a world where the geek and the great can be as one. As such I direct you to part of the inspiration for this post. St Barnabus himself.

Ok, now all the gay and HIMYM jokes aside, I think as absurd as the Stinson lifestyle is, I think a lot of the guys that I know and I'm sure that you know too could use one or two of his lessons. That guy who comes to the gaming club in a Hawaiian shirt -yes we had one- the guy who has been single since childbirth, the guy who comes in stinking of BO and JD (never a good mix).

So lets do something a little fun to show our not-so-in-the-know-bros that you can look sharp and still be the bestest wargamer in the world ever. I emplore you to check up International Suit Up Day! Now really it's a change to order our lord and saviour, -blessed be the big Bro- but I think we can put a fun spin on this.

In honour of this event, and to show our gaming bretherin that its not all Megadeth and combats please...PLEASE send me the images of you and your Bros playing the game we love in the wingman you can wear -your suit....duh- and on the Friday after I'll be posting up the pictures of you guys and my guys suiting up and bringing it ok. It's gonna be legen -wait for it-dary! I'm hoping to get a bit of support from the community on this so if you can help, give me an email please!

Look sharp and kick some ass!

Love, Dave

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  1. I often wear a skirt. I'm not much of a suit gal, though.


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