Saturday, 20 November 2010

How would you get through the Zombie Apocalypse?

At the moment it's between a pile of bank statements with a bottle of Triple Berry Vitamin Water and my Xbox 360. Well...since Maggie isn't going ANYWHERE -yeah...I named her, so what?- bank statements and Vitamin Water, I CHOOSE YOU!

So guys, what are you using to fight off the undead masses?

Totally pilfered from check em out!

Love, Dave


  1. Baby's high chair (with food remnants) and on the other side a butter knife and DVDs of 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' and 'Kick Ass'.

    Both very different films; both entirely awesome.

    The butter knife might come in handy but mostly that high chair (unweildy though it may be) is going to get some bludgeoning action.

  2. A biro and an Imac mouse ..... (Flail ?)

  3. A rather large vase (not bad) and an inflatable willy O_o It's a party game we had out recently, I swear :oP

  4. Sure ginge. Sure...

    Erm a guitar (yay!) and a pom pom christmas pudding thing. Huh. I'll tie it to the guitar strap nob thingy, and it can be like a tassel. :D


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