Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hunt the Alien: The B Team and Other Ponderings

Ahoyhoy internets, some more Deathwatch progress has been made today, though lack of other chapter shoulder pads has been a bit of a pain in the bum -still waiting in Ultramarines, Imperial/Crimson Fists and Silver Skulls pads from GW along with another 10 sets of Deathwatch gear...but who's counting...hurry up post- but hey, you have to get on with things don't you! On the plus side, Kill Team Delta is completely built and Team Beta have been completed minus some shoulder pads which is a cheeky bonus as well as the "Team Leader" of Kill Team Alpha -aka the poster boys- has been modelled and is awaiting Ultramarine pad.

Now a few things bothering me with this army. First and foremost I don't know about using the SW book. It does pander to my idea of the more "kitted out" Marines, with acute senses (better helmet augmentation or something) and counter attack (well, they're combat vets aren't they) as well as able to include some epic parts of the Deathwatch fluff (Lone Wolves as Black Shields, supercool Libbies etc etc). However, lack of special ammunition, a staple of the chapter in the fluff and a key feature of Sternguard Vets that are unavailable to the Wolves and the more "fragile" leadership state of the army is causing me some concern. I also don't want to be labelled as WAAC for using the commonly considered "best" power armour book in the game. I like winning, don't get me wrong I LOVE winning more than I love lemon cake, but I do like a bit of theme continuity in there too.

So my friends, what to do? Well I'd love some feedback in that respect. What fits the Deathwatch in your mind: C:SM, C:BA, C:SW or any other book for that matter?

Love, Dave


  1. I mean, Sternguard pretty much nail the Deathwatch image right on the noggin, so that's a point for C:SM. I would avoid Blood Angels- sure they hate the alien but probably not enough to go all Blood Ragey.

    Your idea for SW also had some merit, with a large force of Wolfguard, especially because then you wouldn't need non-elite forces in your force org.

  2. Problem with marines though is the Sternguard list sucks.... >_>

    None of the "competitive" builds really suit deathwatch unfortunately. Just buy all the books and use whatever you feel like for that game.


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