Tuesday, 11 January 2011

CSNS Strikes Back, now with added Chaos

Well what a few weeks that was. A record breaking month of December saw me make more drinks than I would care to ever see, burn myself on more coffees than I would ever care to drink and deal with more annoying people than I would ever care to happy slap. -though there were some good times too as always with crimbo- 

So besides being ass deep in booze what's been keeping me from you. Well...being ass deep in booze, but on the right side of the bar! 

"I feel the need...the need for speed!"
So aye...that was fun!

Have I been idle in terms of hobby? Hell no community, hell no. So contrary to my christmas wish to be showered in 40k, I was showered in fantasy which was interesting but not at all bad. I have bits and bobs build but painting wise, my on foot champion is probably the model in which the most progress has been made.
"Men of the North, come to the red mouse mat of doom!"
Baby got back
As you can see, I'm going for a Chaos Winter theme here and perhaps stupidly I started to subtly paint him in tones akin to Slaanesh before I actually realised that MoS has no place in 8th Ed...stupid man.

Anyhoo folks, look forward to me being back from now on, supplying you with more drinky goodness, and hopeless hobby!

Any finally, army shots of the Deathwatch!

"Take them to the matresses"

Kill Team Alpha with Sternguard in the rear...giggidy.
Kill Team Beta and Delta in the rear with T/L Las Razorback
Commander Severus (Pedro) and Libby
Love, Dave


  1. The champion looks good :)
    Need to get some paint on the deathwatch though :)


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