Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cocktail: The Elliots Feature #3: Christmas Crackers

Ahoyhoy internets and a Ho ho ho to you all! I must first apologise for the inactivity this week, but as you can imagine, this is the craziest week of the year at work, which isn't really conducive to blogging. However, over the past week we've accumulated a lot of material that will be coming out over the coming week or so, including a Drinking a Man's drink feature and some major Deathwatch progress, watch this space! So with the festive period well and truely upon us, we at Elliots thought it would be nice to make you a couple of winter warmers to brighten your day and give you that Christmas spirit (or spirits in this case). Today's Elliots feature is showcasing a couple of cocktails by perhaps our most talented bartenders, our esteemed master of ceremonies and bar manager, Mark and the guru of all things liquid, David McJ.

May have eaten the Candy Cane...
Candy Krush by Mark
Vodka                   1 Measure
Creme du Menthe   1/2 Measure
Creme de Fraise     1/2 Measure
Strawberry Puree   1/2 Measure
Cranberry Juice      2 Measures

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Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker over ice and shake vigourously for ten seconds. Single strain into a hightop glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a candy cane.
The initial taste of strawberry is very strong and pleasent, hitting the front of the tongue with strong notes of berry. After the initial system shock, the flavour combines naturally with peppermint that gives you a candycane-like taste. Holding it in your mouth, the peppermint intensifies and lets cranberry notes seap through the strawberry and creates a satisfying conclusion. After swallow the peppermint lingers long on the tongue. A fantastic christmas drink and in my view would be an excelent addition to any christmas cocktail menu.

Christmas in Manhattan by David McJ
Buffalo Trace         2 Measures
Nolly Prat Dry       1/2 Measure
Cinnamon  Syrup   1/3 Measure

Put all ingredients into a mixing glass and stir for 21 rotations or for 20 seconds -which ever comes first- and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with the skin of an orange and squeeze the oils over the drink.
For Manhattan lovers, this is the christmas drink for you, I'd say beating the 3++ Sweet Manhattan from the Birthday Week series. The sweetness usually provided by the sweet vermouth is replaced by that of the cinnamon syrop, which also adds extra spice to the drink. On the nose, it is almost brandy-esque and on first taste is very sweet with a little burn. Holding in the mouth gives a dry firey sensation that is satisfying and not unpleasent and after swallowing you are left with the sweetness of the cinnamon again and the dry taste of the Nolly Pratt. To me, if you are a fan of Drinking a Man's Drink, this is the Christmas tipple for you! Kudos Dave!

And yes...one of our co-workers had to ruin the shot...thanks Jenny...

Please remember guys, always drink responsibly even over this period. In the cold and the ice anything can happen -I proved this last year by nearly killing myself on the ice, but I;ve got away with nerve damage in my right hand- Look after each other, and be safe.

Love, Dave

P.S. Many thanks go to my two tasters for the evening, Andrew T and Graham L, my mixologists in training and fantastic lads.

Cocktails featured created by Mark Morrison and David McJannet for Elliots Prestwick and the Buzzworks Group, as featured on Crew Shaken Not Stirred.

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