Tuesday, 14 December 2010

3++ Day 5: Koop/Koopa/MKoop/Mat *error!! error!!*

Ahh we come to a relatively new 3++ author who has more names on that site than I have had hot dinners - we're gonna run with Koop though for the purposes not causing a fatal system crash coherency. In that time though Koop has come out with a few good articles, I'm loving his continued progress on his Hybrid BA and found his article on paint thinning to be very helpful.

Koop, we at CSNS salute you! POST MORE!!!

Koopa Libre

Gold Rum     1 Measure
Amaretto      1 Measure
Pepsi/Coke   Top

Pour everything into a highball over ice and squeeze in the juice of two lime segments. Thrown them in and add an orange peel to garnish. Dead simple, variation on a Cuba Libre that we all know and love -well...I know Brother Loring REALLY knows and loves it- just with that added amaretto twist. You can use any gold rum, but I found that Havana Especial or El Dorado 8 complemented the sweetness of the amaretto the best and gave the smoothest outcome.

Tomorrow (Edit: in a couple of hours) we will enter the wicked mind of VT2...be prepared for your face to explode with disbelief.

Love, Dave

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