Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Happy Birthday 3++

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here with some great and wonderful news! In my mind the ultimate 40k advice site has turned 1 today; 3++ is the new black. Our awesome Aussie, Kirby and his gang of epic authors have skyrocketed to stardom on the 40k and gaming blogsphere over the past year and rightly so. As stated on the blog, it's like YTTH without the emo bitching; you'll only ever see helpful gaming advice from a dedicated group of talented authors who teach rather than mock -well...we don't talk about VT2...-

I love the style, and the interwebs do too. So 3++ we give you the CSNS salute the only way we know how.

Let's get drunk with a week of cocktails for all you author types!!

Today Kirby, tomorrow our favourite bro, Brother Loring! Expect some rum madness.

Day 1:- 3++ Kirbtini
Vodka              1 Measure
Pineapple Juice 1 Meaure
Raspberries       3
Rose Champagne Top

Add the vodka, pineapple and raspberries to a cocktail shaker, over ice and shake vigourously for 10 seconds. Fine strain into a champagne flute and top with rose champagne. Garnish with candy of your choice. A variation of the Flirtini with an unashamedly pink twist, keeping with the theme of our beloved Kirby himself. Sweet, sweet cocktail, perfect for a celebration. It even comes with some sweets! Who can say no to that! add a cupcake on the side with a sparkler to really celebrate.

Love, Dave

P.S. Long live King Kirby.


  1. <3.

    I swear when I order this Miss Kirby will be standing next to me. Honest.

  2. Kirby: I'm thinking Centurion Pissup Special Orders :)

    Dave: I will make sure that he orders this and we photograph it!

  3. We of 3++ heart you too!


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