Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Some updates

Ahoyhoy all, just a few updates tonight whilst building some more of the Deathwatch. The Cocktails and Dreams page has been updated with all of the 3++ Birthday celebration week drinks and the latest Elliots Feature. Along with that, I've added another link to the 3rd Party Cocktails section, Andy Gemmell's Christmas Cocktails to hopefully give some of you a few ideas for winter warmers.

Further, Hunt the Alien recieved a small update, but obviously more will come as painting begins on the DW.

Speaking of that actually, tonight I'll be posting up the new look Commander Severus and the squad of Sternguard finally. I don't hold out much hope for painting before Christmas with increased demads at work, but I'm trying to get a guest author for some more weekly 40k related articles, so if you are interested or know someone that is, please email me at:

Love, Dave

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