Saturday, 4 December 2010

COCKTAIL: The Elliots Feature #2

"Holy crap...I'm on the internets?!"
Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here and still on a mission to get you all into something a little bit different in the bar! This week The Elliots Feature is showcasing a young up and coming talent in the bar, Mr Andrew Crook.

Andrew is a fine young talent who hasn't really been given his shot...yet, but he's been coming up with some interesting concepts. His style differs vastly from my own; where I try to exploit the sour and the bitter part of the balance -as was taught by my masters Andy, Dave and other Dave- he will go for something a bit sweeter. Very savvy of him, it takes note of the collective taste of the area in which we are situated and will appeal to a wide audience.

Knowing what the American/London/Edinburgh cocktail style is perhaps Andrew's creations wouldn't fly out of the bar as well as they would here, but that does nothing to take away from the fact that in his short time in the industry he has shown himself off as an intelectual bartender who can give the people what they want and experiment with flavours that have perhaps fallen out of favour with his peers. One to watch in the future if you're ever in a high class bar in Scotland ;)

Blowing Raspberries

Vodka                          1 measure
Chambord                    1 measure
Sugar Syrup                 1 measure
Lemon Juice                 1/2 measure
Cranberry Juice             3 measures
Raspberries                   6


Crush 4 raspberries into cocktail shaker then add the other ingredients. Shake over ice and pour entire mixture into a highball glass. Garnish with 2 raspberries.

As I said, you will get a sharp sweetness on the tongue which mellows as the raspberry notes and citrus from the lemon begin to tease the shock of the sugar away. Very easy finish leaving a lingering taste of cranberry in the mouth. Almost like a fruit juice, definately a girls cocktail or a man who does not like Drinking a Man's Drink....
-and why wouldn't you like drinking a man's drink?-

The Banana Llama

Banana Liquer       1 measure
Amaretto               1 measure
Sugar Syrup          3/4 measure
Lemon Juice          1 measure
Chocolate Bitters   2 dashes
Egg White              1/2


Pour everything into a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake. Pour into a chilled martini glass and serve with chocolate sprinkles. Very nice, the amaretto makes this a star in my mind, giving the drink a strong almond edge. I know a few people who are mad about cherry and almond sours who could perhaps be swayed by this. Only thing I would change is take out the chocolate bitters and instead use Cacao, but that's a personal thing and really wouldn't make a massive difference to the drink. Think banana split and you get the idea of this drink, and banana splits are suits.

So all in all, Andrew is like a suit. Awesome!

Give them a try tonight, of buy them for that lady -or gentleman- at the other side of the bar that you're dying to give your phone number to and they will definately think, you are a spiffing and educated person who has great taste in drink and is also a looker.
Huuuungry eyyyyes! Run awayyyyyy!

So all in all I think this feature was a success! Stay tuned for another installment folks!

Love, Dave

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  1. Hey guys, Mr Crook here :) would just like to add that the Banana Llama was made as a tribute to Alannah 'Llama' Conway :) hope you all enjoy it. X


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