Thursday, 9 December 2010

40k: Hunt the Alien - Lord Severus and new inductees

Ahoyhoy interwebs, a bit of Deathwatch news to update you all with. I've decided to switch to C:SM for the Deathwatch, and as such am moving for a more Sternguard/Tactical themed army. So you can find V1 of the C:SM list at 1500pts HERE. I think it might be amended to add another unit of SG in, with combi meltas/flamers and heavy flamers, but more about that later.

Now, in a Sternguard themed army we have to have a Pedo. He may be a bit guff but he's thematic, so he'll be used in the "fluff" themed lists at 1750+ and (as yet un-named) Librarian will be used in competative play. Woo Hoo!

So I got to doing a little converting and kit bashing and here is the end result: Watch Commander Severus
"Tread softly and carry a big gun...and fist"

I'm pretty happy with the outcome. He does have a wolf pelt which is odd becuase he is a Crimson fist, but I figure I can pass it off as some xeno hide. Don't know if I'm happy with it yet, or if ill switch it for the captain cape, but we'll see how I feel.

Anyway,  here are the some more recent inductees, which brings me to 2 squads of 10 men. I have 5 spare shoulder pads for DW and many legs, so I can't decide if I want to start some SG or if I want to start a 5 man Razorback team. Hmm, thoughts?

Love, Dave

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