Tuesday, 14 December 2010

3++ Week: Day 6 - VT2

Prepare yourselves internets...it's time...for Him. On a serious note, I love VT2's work. He is frank, cuts right to the core and doth-takith no $%"£. Plus he's a gem to be on chat with. Particular favourite articles of mine? Any Formuitis article, I think they are all a hoot; his "coverage" (well...verbal decimation) of the ETC was a riot and his review of C:SM actually helped me to pick Vanilla over Space Wolves for the Deathwatch.

Kirb, think you made a good choice with this one. VT2, we salute you!

The Black and Blue VT2

Blue Curacao  1/2 Measure
Tia Maria        1/2 Measure
Baileys            Float


We have our first shot of the series! In fact I think it may be the first one on the site, I'll have to double check.(Edit: It totally is!!!) Dead simple, half fill your shot glass with blue curacao then layer the Tia Maria on top (our black and blue). Then gently float a thin layer of Baileys Irish Cream on top of the shot and shoot for what should taste something like an orange coffee. What can we do to change it up you ask? Replace the Tia Maria for Creme de Cacao for something akin to a chocolate orange. Oddly festive I think.

Love, Dave


  1. I never thought they day would come when I'd be popular on the internet.


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