Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Playing catch up

Well it's that time of year where the hours in the industry pile up anf free time becomes zilcho which is a shame because I'm neglecting my blog duties. SO today I'm playing catch up from the past few days of non-activity; the rest of the 3++ cocktails will be going up once every two hours starting from 14:00 GMT.

Futhermore, hopefully before I head off to worky work tonight I'll manage to get a little Deathwatch update out, Severus has been remodeled using some plastic Captain components and progress on the first unit of Sternguard is coming along nicely.

Furthermore, Just want to pimp out Centurion in the land of Aus, run by our own fester (with a little f) a 1750pts tourney in March of next year, sounds like a blast and I'm gutted I can't attend. However, my minion (Archnomad) will be taking out a few pressies for the "f"-man and the winner of the tourney from CSNS, so keep an eye out for that...I'll give you a hint;
anCnoc (a-nock) 16yr Old Highland Single Malt
Caorunn (Ka-Roon) Small Batch Scotch Gin

Love, Dave

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