Sunday, 16 January 2011

40k: Deathwatch Test Mini

Executive Transvestite? If you understand why I said this you win.
Ahoyhoy interwebs, DaveHowitzer here with some Deathwatch progress. I had this model laying around for years from back in the days of my 3rd Ed Dark Angels and felt he had a date with some Simple Green. Thus, Grand Master Draco has turned into Watch Captain Ignacius.

Pardon the picture quality, lighting wasn't the best, but the model is a WiP so he's a long way off done. I'm currently loving the Crux Terminatus on him though so I might try to emulate that with the Deathwatch chapter pads on the Kill Teams. Standard gold eagles obv needing touched up on this model but the idea is there. I don't know if you can see the scratched detail on the blade in this picture, but it's there, ill get a better quality one up soon when it's done.

Love, Dave

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