Thursday, 27 January 2011

Internet Fame: Kirby's a Babe

Big thanks to first fester (yes, with a little "f") and Kirby for having faith in my writing ability and reposting my Edenbreaker article on 3++ is the new black. It's a great honour for me to have a piece of mine on such a fantastic blog and I hope I can produce some more Edenbreaker articles that meet the standard.

Regards to the points Kirbs made, I agree with the majority:- however it's all situational. Yes, Prisms are fantastic anti troop units, but if there's only one exposed unit that isn't a threat in my opinion its best to try to take out a low armoured tank that will be a threat instead. However, on principal yes; you are very right =]
Also, I take Kirbs point on the shooting order, that's coming up in the very next one, you're quite right to point out that what I said is a bit silly.

Most of the issues seen in the article are there because its just the beginning and we are discussing it at the most basic level, so any concerns he's had will be addressed in a future Edenbreaker tactica =]

Hope you guys check out 3++ and drop them a line for any of your list/tactics needs, because they are awesome.

Love, Dave


  1. I agree with your Prism ascertion, I use them exactly the same way as you do, and then shift to contesting by the end of the game. Works like a charm!
    Nice work on 3++, i'm sure you'll be there again!

  2. Very true re situational :).

    I look forward to more Dave!


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