Monday, 24 January 2011

MONDAY PIMP #3: Return of the Pimp

Ahh Bill, by far the Playa's President
Ok guys, once again my rare list of my favourite blog posts of the week / shameless grab for filler content! Enjoy some pimped blogs.

1) Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know by Sorrowshard @ Rant in E Minor
Some very nice DE themed conversions have been coming out of REM over the past couple of days and I have to say, and my favourite is the Baron. Take a trip over and look, just a really nice kit bash that once it's painted will look very nice. It's clear that Sorrowshard has great love for his army. Plus, the flying circus army looks sick.

2) Deepstrike Radio Queensland Flood Appeal
I'm sure you've seen the recent chaos caused by the recent heavy flooding in Queensland and we can all agree that it's a horrible disaster to befall anyone. Deepstrike Radio have stepped up to the plate and are doing a charity auction of sorts. They are asking for donations of money or of Space Marine box sets to auction as an army deal on Ebay, along with signed books from Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill AND a painted Captain model in your choice of colours by Dave Taylor. I think it's something very much like the Storm Warden project that the entire community could, and should get behind. Please check it out.

3) The Challenge: Completed by fester @ fester 40k
Finally he's finished his Battlewagon after weeks of work and you know something folks? It looks damn good, very fine quality. Our favourite Aussie has even included a comic and a BLANK comic strip for you to use for your own little creations. What a nice chap! Check out fester40k for more information on Centurion and fester's general happenings. I mean come on, he writes for 3++, he can't be all that bad...or can he ;)

4) Friday Night Internet Fight Round 47 by Dethtron @ Dick Move on the BoK Network
It's no secret amongst my blogger friends that I love an unhealthy amount...seriously...he should be worried....yeah, and this week's FNIF just gets me going. A perfect example of how a decent conversation can go horribly wrong, this is a must see and a standout in the series. You will laugh at stupidity, cringe and want to throw your monitor at someone's face. Nuff said, check it out.

Special Mention) Video Battle Report: Chaos vs Imperium Team Game by Brent @ Strictly Average
Brent, superstar of the blog universe and all round good guy gave us a great treat warly this week with an excelent video battle report showcasing his Daemons and a friend's Chaos Space Marines against Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers. I thought it was a quality battle report and an excelent game, even if the two guys that Brent played seemed dejected and unhappy by turn two. Morale of the story? Don't mess with Chaos that stalks Jawaballs.


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