Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Ravenwing: Not quite as horrible anymore

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here once again continuing discussion of the new GW FAQs for 40k just like everyone else on the internet. Since we've now discussed Deathwing (check out Deathwing: Now with viable Death-wing-star) let's now discuss the Dark Angels seond company, the Ravenwing.

Let's look at our typical Ravenwing Attack Squadron. At a basic level you are getting 3 bikers (2 regular 1 sergeant) armed with a Bolt Pistol of Chainsword, Frag/Krak grenades and a bike with T/L Bolters AND a teleport homer. -which is pretty awesome if you are running Doublewing - Further, the bikes are Fearless, get Combat Squads and have the Scout special rule, which is awesome. For this basic unit, you are paying 120points, which is 30 points more than you're paying for the C:SM equivalent that comes without the homer, the Fearless and the Scout move.

You can can add 3 extra bikers for 100pts which is very steep, and the Sergeant can have all the usual upgrades and 2 models can be upgraded with the usual special weapons. An Attack bike can be added for 50 points which has all of the gear listed for the normal bikers, and you can chose between a Heavy Bolter and a Multi Melta for free - bringing it on a par with the SM one if you're taking the MM but you get Fearless and a homer for free which is pretty neat- Further if you chose to upgrade the Squad to 6 models, a Land Speeder with a Heavy Bolter and an Assault Cannon can be added for 100pts -poor decision, over costed and not as good as Typhoons that we will touch on in a moment-

All in all the Ravenwing Attack Squad is a decent, if slightly pricey unit to take, Fearless helps to compensate somewhat for the smaller squad sizes and I can see the fluff of including the speeder, but an overpriced Tornado for 100pts without the option to take the MM/HF variant -aka the useful one- isn't at all helpful. Further, as clarified in the FAQ, including the speeder in the unit prevents the unit using Outflank....not that you'd be using it anyway.

Lets touch on the Support Squad. Its a unit of 1-5 Land Speeders that cos base 65pts a model. That's ok. Any Land Speeder can have a MM instead of HB for free. That's also ok. One Land Speeder in the unit may be given a HF for 10pts of an AC for 35. That's ok and awful respectively. One Land Speeder may be given a Typhoon Missile Launcher for 10pts. That is AWESOME. A Typhoon for 15pts cheaper than the other books is great, the only downside is that you can only have a maximum of 3 in the army. Curse you Codex DA...curse you still.

HQ wise, we have Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing who is an interesting little biscuit. Statline, like Belial, a copy of a C:SM Captain with the exception of less WS, he comes with a 3+/4++, Bolt Pistol, MC Power Weapon, Frag/Kraks, Adamantine Mantle -Eternal Warrior- and a Jetbike with a T/L Storm Bolter and a great big sodding Plasma Cannon. Oofty.
-I wish the model didn't fall over so much because the front end is so bloody heavy, because well....LOOK AT IT!-
Alternatively you can take him in a Land Speeder with T/L HB and AC and front & side armour 14, which is not to be scoffed at because he does NOT have the Independant Character rule, thus he rolls alone. What variant you take I guess depends on your playstyle, I've used both and they're both ok. 205 points is pricey, but you get Ravenwing Attack Squads as troops and fast attack.

So can we make a competative Ravenwing list? No. Like Deathwing they don't have numbers, with a basic 5th edition Ravenwing Attack Squad costing just under 200pts for 4 models (3 Bikes, 2 MM, AB with MM). Can they be used in a more competative army? Hell yes. Doublewing is once again a viable list thanks to the great gains that Deathwing made from the new FAQ. It's not super duper awesome, but it's so much better than it used to be, and who knows, maybe we'll see a few popping up at tourneys now and again.

I hope this has given you a little insite into the "new" Ravenwing, maybe next we'll cover Doublewing. Could be a shout.

What's your thoughts on Ravenwing or the FAQs in general?

Love, Dave


  1. Litte note:

    Ravenwing Land Speeders can't Dep Strike. Only Sammael's Land Speeder is capable of doing that.


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