Wednesday, 8 September 2010

COCKTAIL: Knockhill Sour

Ok folks, being a bartender and an avid 40k player I thought with this series of cocktail articles I'd share my passion for the daemon (hah!) drink with you all. So here's a little something I came up with "at the office" so to speak.

anCnoc 12 yr old malt whiskey   25ml (use as 1oz for all you non-Europeans)
Licor 43                                     25ml (1oz)
Creme de Cacao                        12.5ml (1/2 oz)
Lemon Juice                               25ml (1oz)
Gomme (Simple Syrup)              25ml (1oz)
Chocolate Bitters                        1 dash
Half an egg white (optional)

Shake well in a boston set (or normal cocktail shaker) and serve in an Old Fashioned glass with plenty of ice and a wedge of lemon and if you're feeling exceptionally dangerous a cheeky wee sprinkle of nutmeg.
Tastes divine!

I find that whilst most purists will say mixing a malt is blasphemy, the anCnoc can be a wonderous addition to any whiskey based cocktail and works very well with lemon, giving an almost honey like aroma to the drink, further enhancing the traces of chocolate. Well it is marketed as the "mixing malt" I suppose! I also found that working with Licor 43 - a Spanish vanilla liquer - was a preferable alternative to vanilla schnapps as the taste was far less harsh and overpowering when the lemon juice and simple syrup were added. The egg white is option of course, based on personal preference and alergies, but I think it adds a really nice, creamy consistency to the drink. On the whole, a great drink to have after a hearty meal, acting as a nice after thought to dessert, whilst cleaning the pallate for the evening ahead. Enjoy! I'll try to get some pic in later.

Love, Dave

Knockhill Sour created for the Buzzworks Group by David Howie
Elliots Bar and Restaurant, Prestwick

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