Thursday, 9 September 2010

ARMY LISTS: Assembling the Warhost 1k

Ahoyhoy internets, Dave here once again for a rare 40k post! Good lord, I hear you exclaim, well believe it folks. Now today I'd like to go into a little background about my Ulthw√© Eldar list that I've had since the tender age of 15...or rather why I scrapped said list and began again from scratch. Basically back in the day, I ruined my Eldar. I played them relatively OK managing to get about an average loss/draw/win ratio when playing my old Craftworld Eldar Ulthw√©. Little bit of FootDar was fun, and the old Seer Council rules were simply filthy. 

Then with the new codex I kinda put the Eldar on the back burner in favour of my 2nd 40k love, the Deathwing and spent stupid amounts of time (and money) on getting the most badass lookign army on the tabletop. After C:SM and the "death" of C:DA I kinda fell out with the hobby for a while and switched to fantasy.

I don't know what gave me the 40k bug again this year but I'm glad I got it. I got out the old nail polish remover, stripped some old metal Eldar and began to paint. So the plan is to build the list from 1k to 1.5k to 2k over the coming months and (hopefully) make my first fully painted army.

So without wanting to stall any longer, here is the 1k portion of my list, not all fully painted as yet, but pictures are on their way once my camera decides to charge.

Ulthwe 1000pts

Farseer 55
Runes of Warding 15
Runes of Witnessing 10
Spirit Stones 20
Guide 20
Doom 25
Singing Spear 3

Fire Dragons x5 80
Wave Serpent 90
T/W Brightlances 45
Shuriken Cannon 10

Harlequin Troupe x5  90
Shadowseer 30
Harlequin's Kiss x5 20

Dire Avengers x 6  72
Exarch 12
Dual Catapults 5
Bladestorm 15
Wave Serpent  90
T/L Shuriken Catapults 10
Shuriken Catapult 10

Guardian Defender Squad x10 80
Shuriken Cannon 5
Warlock 25
Embolden 5

Fire Prism 155

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