Saturday, 11 September 2010

GAMING: Blood Bowl 75% off weekend

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitser here with a flash news update! For those of you who like me didn't buy the PC version of Blood Bowl on release, Steam have 75% off the game this weekend, giving it a price tag of under £5! Well worth a download guys and dolls, I'm downloading it right now!

Great if you're bored this weekend or just want to try something new.

Love, Dave


  1. Remember that a new version is coming out though supposedly at the end of the year with 20 races. It is unclear whether this is an upgrade or a new full game(ie you have to pay full retail price even though you already have 8 of the races).

    Just something to remember.

  2. I'll give you that my man, still nice little treat if you want a taste of what's going to come in that big new BB =]

  3. I also snagged it and have become quickly addicted. I wasn't aware of the LE edition coming down the pipe but for $10 you couldn't go wrong with the current one. Plus, this way you get to evaluate your interest in the game without committing more money via-LE edition.

    I suggest reading the Blood Bowl rules, Dave. GW has them in PDF format for download on their site. Being aware of the actual rolls needed and why definitely makes the game more enjoyable. They also have a good blocking guide you can download too.

  4. Yeah I did that this afternoon Thor, getting into the game I realised I didn't know what the hell I was doing so I downloaded the living rulebook and am currently scouring it for info.

  5. I did the same. Played a handful of games, had fun bashing stuff and realized if I was going to get anywhere I'd have to learn the rules. I now have the urge to start a table top Blood Bowl team. Now to get some others into it...


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