Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A wee backround to the gav man

Good fine evening to all you manly men, and woman of course. The names Gav and in the upcoming months I shall be posting 'sneaky sneaky'  information on how to play the 'Paladin' class in the MMORPG 'World Of Warcraft'. First thing you will be wondering is; " how the shmeg will I know that what he is saying is the correct way to go". Well my hunnies, do not fear as gavtheman plays a Holy Paladin who goes by the name of 'Azuremist' on the EU Sunstrider realm at end game level (11/12 heroic 25 ICC). I will be posting any sneaky tips that I uncover, any changes in spec / glyphs ect. for upcoming content and whatever else I can find to make you guys a 'Winner of Warcraft'.

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