Monday, 20 September 2010

40k: Tidy Gamer is Happy

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here once again! I must apologise for lack of hobby posting recently, between work and Reach my hobby time has been limited in the last week. However this week I did have time to re-locate my hobby operations one level up. Literally.

I got the chance this week to get some space in the loft of my building to put some gear so I jumped at the chance at getting a better area for my modelling and painting. The area of the loft is well lit and ventilated and with a little...ok a lot of elbow greese and a new table from a certain mainland European furnature company I now have an excelent area for hobbying.

Here's a few pics to take in, hopefully this will lead to some progress with my Eldar. Enjoy!

Love, Dave


  1. Dedicated space for hobby stuff? Nice! If you're anything like me though that neatness will last until you start work on a model and then it all goes to hell.

  2. Thor my friend, it has been 2 hours and it is already a tip =P


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