Friday, 10 September 2010

The Intro with dangerous levels of awesome and or alcohol pretzils brought to you by Zepher171.

Well, well where to start. Probably best from the beginning, thats always a great place to start, well unless its needlessly complicated in which case it's probably best to start at the end but thats delving to much into a bizarre chicken and egg scenario, and boy do I hate needless prattle, well obviously that's a blatent lie, I love it and couldn't function without it.

Anyhoooo down to buisness, I'm Zepher and I started wargaming pretty much at the exact same time as the Dave-ster, give or take 5 minutes or so. I've been jumping in and out of the hobby since then I and mainly just paint and convert, but I'm slowly; very, very slowly,  re-learing the rules and one day I'll get them in my head ball and everthing will be awesometasticularlyepic.
I'll be posting some of my painting and conversion projects as, if and when they come up, which hopefully should be more frequent now!

Im a graphic artist - ie. slacking moocher / hysterical maniac so I might post some little warhammer doodles now again.


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