Thursday, 23 September 2010

40k: I Got Char-grilled Dragon Beef

Ahoyhoy internets, DaveHowitzer here with just a quick little post whilst I'm at work. Browsing the internet in my lunch hour I've noticed a very disconcerting trend in the Eldar lists I've been seeing on the Blogsphere: the maxing out of Fire Dragons in the army Elite slots.

Ok guys, I know Dragons are good; really good at what they do but is it just me or does having 3 "disposable" anti-tank not make sense. Ok, they WILL kill their designated target, but then you have the rest of a leafblower or a BloodWolves army to eat them for breakfast. And to me that doesn't make sense when you can only knock out a max of 3 transports with them. 1 unit, I'm more than happy with, I employ one myself; 2 ok personal choice but you're cutting it fine. When we get to three, I just say, "Dude, what you are doing." OVERKILL. We already have a metric ton of S6 for light armour and Prisms/Falcons to mop up what that doesn't kill.

All of the Eldar CC goodness is in our Elites slot and to not use one unit at least of them, we leave ourselves open to assault with little or no countermeasures in place.

What's wrong with 2 Dragon units and a unit of Harlies with a Shadowseer and kisses? Maybe a couple of fusion pistols in the mix?

Come on internets, you know it makes sense. We aren't the best army around right now, but don't pansy out with so many Dragons. Grab life by the balls!

Love, Dave.

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