Friday, 17 June 2011

ARMY LISTS: CroweCoteaz 1500

Ok, so was battering out a list that suits my need for fluff, Purifiers and an Inquisitor so this came this incarnation of my GK list. Its rough, and needs playtesting but everything is scoring...which is a cheeky bonus at this level of points. Thoughts, gripes and everything else is appreciated.

Inquisitor Thaddeus Drake (Coteaz) 100
[To make our Henchies scoring and to give Sanctuary]

Crowe 150
[Crowe am I the only one who doesn't think he's THAT bad]

Purifiers x5, Psycannons x2, Psyback 190
[Bread and butter Purifiers]

Purifiers x8, Psycannons x2 Halberds x5 MC Hammer Rhino 272
[Gives some midfield threat, I know they aren't "all that" in combat but its a decent unit to finish off anything that's weathered the torrent of Psycannon and PsyHeavybolter] 

Henchmen Warband- MM Servators x3, Warriors x2-Bolters Chimera 95
[Coteaz's unit, bolter henchies for army fluff and point filler. Servators provide some reliable tank killy]

Henchmen Warband- Warriors x4, Psyback 66
[Henchmen to sit on home objectives]

Psyrifleman 135

I'm unsure if this is as good as a pure Crowe or Coteaz list, but any input you guys could give would be awesome.

Love, Dave

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